February 5, 2011 Jellystone Park News

Yogi Bear™ Comes to Nintendo

You read right: that Smarter-Than-The-Average bear has arrived in video game format, set to take your family on an adventure through Jellystone Park™ without ever leaving the house.

“Yogi Bear™: The Video Game” is now available for Nintendo Wii ($39.95) and Nintendo DS ($29.95). In both versions, Jellystone Park is in danger of shutting down. On Wii, players act as Yogi Bear while belly sliding, zip-lining and sneaking through majestic levels to save the day! You’ll explore four unique, massive areas within Jellystone Park; use Yogi’s flying glider; sneak past campers to collect merit badges and ‘pic-a-nic’ baskets; and use the Wii motion controls to shake the bushes and uncover hidden pick-ups, all on the way to keep the park open.
On the Nintendo DS, players again act as Yogi Bear while they explore Jellystone Park and create crazy gadgets to save the day. They’ll explore a variety of areas straight from the film; build gadgets like Slidey Skates, Propeller Hat, Spring Shoes and more; play as Boo Boo Bear™ in a special minigame to unlock photo stills from the movie; and avoid campers, dogs, skunks, squirrels and other obstacles to keep land developers from shutting down Jellystone!
You can find “Yogi Bear: The Video Game” at Gamestop, Toys R Us, Target, and Amazon.com. It’s the perfect way to help keep kids from going stir-crazy during those long snow days this winter!