April 10, 2017 Camping Tips

What Style Of Camping Is Right For You?

With summer fast approaching, you and your family might be wanting to try camping for the first time. Staying at a campground is a refreshing, affordable alternative to more traditional vacations. By spending some time in the outdoors, your family will experience the restorative powers of nature while also coming closer together. It is a fun diversion from the distractions of everyday life. If you are ready to schedule your first trip but aren’t sure which type of camping is right for you, look no further. Follow this guide to decide which type of trip to book.


If you are a family of true outdoor lovers, this is the style for you. Tents are perhaps the most rustic way to camp, offering the closest connection to the outdoors. When staying in a tent, you are dropping some of the conveniences of home.


Pop-Up or Trailer

Families seeking a combination of rusticity and convenience could consider a pop-up camper or a hitch trailer. These models can be purchased or rented, so consider how often you plan to use it. If you choose to go with one of these options, you would hitch the camper to your car and tow it to the campground. This is a great options for families just starting it out because it allows you to decide whether you are looking for more or less contact with nature. Some of our Jellystone Parks™ rent trailer options as well, so look for this option when you make your reservations.


RVs are the perfect option for families who plan to camp for extended periods of time. These models are driven rather than towed, with the option of towing your car. RV campgrounds offer a great sense of community and extended stays. In fact, in a recent survey, RV camper reported camping the longest, with 13% staying for at least a week. Those who stayed in cabins or yurts, stayed for the shortest amount of time, with 82% only staying for one or two nights.


Since a cabin resembles a house, this is a great option for campers seeking the highest amount of comfort. Cabins also offer a unique character, a classically cozy lodging option. Cabins are great for first-time campers, as they don’t require any additional equipment. This is also an ideal choice for anyone with special needs, such as a child in a wheelchair or parents with infants.
For further recommendations, ask around in your community and or visit our site. Other people will be able to tell you about their camp experiences, advising which might be best for you. When choosing your preferred camp style, be sure to consider all of your family’s needs and routines. This will ensure the most fun and comfortable experience possible.