June 5, 2014 Blog

Want to Spend Some Quality Time With Your Family? Try Camping!

If you have children, you know from experience that taking them on a family vacation requires a great deal of planning and patience. And yet, the experience is always worth it: not only does a family vacation take you away from the common stresses of everyday life, it gives your kids a break from their TV and video games, helping them engage with the world around them. So if you’re thinking about your next family vacation, why not try a simpler, easier way to experience the joys of a family trip? Why not consider a family camping trip?

Approximately 43 million Americans went camping last year in the many campgrounds that are located across the United States. Camping, whether referring to tent camping, cabin camping, or more modern RV camping, is a classic American pastime, but is no longer synonymous with “roughing it”; instead, camping can be very comfortable, and even luxurious. Camping has always been a great way to spend time as a family, but due to the rise of family campgrounds, family camping also offers a number of activities beyond pitching a tent and enjoying the woods. Many campgrounds offer activities and amenities to entertain campers, both adults and children; according to the American Camp Association, 74% of campers reported that they had tried new activities while camping that they had previously been afraid to experience.

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for camping life, especially if you have children. Before embarking on a family camping trip, for example, try pitching a tent in your backyard to acclimate your kids to the idea of sleeping outdoors and away from home. Also, when you are in a campground, remember that most parks observe a carry-in, carry-out policy, and you should take great care not to litter. But otherwise, get ready for a simple, easy, fun vacation with your family on your family camping trip.