These Unique Camping Experiences Will Keep You On Your Toes

These Unique Camping Experiences Will Keep You On Your Toes

Camping is easily a favorite American pastime, with regular campers taking an average of five trips every year and each approximately 191 miles from their homes. Thankfully, all camping trips can be a completely unique experience, so your family will never tire of it — and will, in fact, look forward to the next big adventure. What are some ways to mix things up and keep camping excursions interesting year after year? 

Teepee And Yurt Camping

Okay, so what’s a yurt? Ancient yurts consisted of a single, circular room; the structures were typically built from pelts and animal skins laid over a wooden frame. Today, there’s is a lot more freedom in this design. (For one thing, most camping sites replace the pelts with durable, water-resistant cloth.) In any case, yurt and teepee camping is a great way to keep things at their most basic level, and to get back in touch with nature and the simple pleasures in life. 

“Water, Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink”

Manufacturers and tent rental companies are now offering inflatable tents that float. This is a pretty ideal arrangement, especially if your favorite campground is located nearby a lake or even on the beach. We all remember what happened in the required reading favorite The Cay, however. Be mindful not to drift too far, and never drink untreated water or salt water.

Stop Roughing It, And Start Enjoying It

Many campers are stuck up on the idea that they have do to everything the hard way, or it doesn’t count. Guess what? It’s your vacation, and family campgrounds are more than happy to keep your secrets. If eating cold beans out of the can and sleeping on the ground (with twigs, grass, and pebbles poking into your back all night long) doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, don’t do it. Modern campgrounds offer a variety of experiences, and some sites come with plenty of nearby luxuries and amenities, like heated cabins, swimming pools, gem mining, theaters, playgrounds, and mini golf. 

Keep camping trips fresh and interesting by making a point of doing something new every time. You have to try yurt camping at least once, and you can promise the kids a site right next to the swimming pool next time to make up for it.


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