June 4, 2014 Blog

Travel to Family Campgrounds

Some of the most cherished family memories ever created will take place on family campgrounds. There is nothing like getting back to your roots (literally and figuratively) with your kin while enjoying the beauty of nature.
Without a doubt, it is one of the best ways to spend time with your family. And that means quality time! No one is distracted by basketball practice or video games, tutoring or babysitting —- everyone lives and thrives together in family camping resorts.

For avid camping parents who have traveled near and far with their own moms and dads, think back to when you would be camping in North Carolina with your favorite cousins, or meeting your first crush two cabins over when camping in Texas, and learning to drive when camping in Colorado. Are these not some of the most innocent and pleasant memories of your lives? You owe it to your children to provide them with the same wholesome and exciting opportunities.

Family campgrounds are overflowing with potential fun activities that don’t involve television in the slightest. On family campgrounds, there is a plentiful amount of space where families can play safely. From hiking and hide ‘n’ seek, to searching for birds in the trees or looking for crawfish in creeks, it is undeniably fun to get a little dirty and play outdoors. The more kids are outdoors, the better their knowledge of the environment right outside their front door, and the better their respect for this gorgeous green earth of ours.

The average camper goes on five camping trips a year at sites around 150 miles away from home. There’s no time to start like the present, and no place to go like family campgrounds. Get your kids out of the city and have them try new things! According to the American Camp Association, nearly 75% of campers have found the bravery to try new activities while camping; the spirit of adventure and exploration is contagious!