Tips for Outdoor Family Fun

Tips for Outdoor Family Fun

Here Comes Spring! Plan Some Outdoor Family Fun

If you feel like your family has been spending too much time indoors, it may be time to figure out a trip for some outdoor family fun. Camping can be a great bonding experience for the whole  family but knowing what is expected and how to get your children involved isn’t always easy.

In addition to spending time with each other exploring and doing fun things, it’s important that you set some ground rules for whatever fun activity you decide on. Because everyone seemingly has a cell phone in their hands, to really ensure productive family bonding, encourage everyone in your family to leave their phones and technology devices behind and spend some healthy time together.

Here are a few fun outdoor activities you can do with your family.

Family Camping Trips

The best way to take a break from all the technology madness that exists in the world today is to visit cool camp resorts and schedule a family camping trip. Whether you’re going tent camping or sleeping in a camping cabin, as long as you’re all spending time with each other and not playing Pokémon Go, you’re going to have a great time as a family. The majority of surveyed campers admit that they’re planning an average of 4.9 camping trips a year. Whenever you and your family feel like you need a break from the stressful world, explore and plan a family camping trip.

Camping Near the Beach

Another great outdoor activity for you and your family to bond over is to spend time enjoying the sun and the water at the beach. No one likes the person who stares at their phone as they waste premium sand space at the beach, so be sure to make it known to all your kids (and yourself and your partner) that there will be no phones at all. You and your family will have so much fun splashing around in the water, building sandcastles, and just relaxing on the beach after a stressful few weeks of normal life.

Sometimes, It’s time to ditch the technology, take a break from the real world, and get outside and have some fun! Be sure to contact one of our amazing camp-resorts and make your reservation now!


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts have everything you and your family need to make long-lasting memories. From pools, water slides, and splashgrounds to jumping pillows, wagon rides, and foam parties to theme events, s’mores, and of course, visits with Yogi Bear™ and his friends, family fun is always the main attraction at our family campgrounds! With more than 75 locations across the United States and Canada, we make it easy to enjoy a quality camping experience that’s close to home.

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