More Americans Are Discovering The Joys Of Glamping

More Americans Are Discovering The Joys Of Glamping

Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective actor Matthew McConaughey and Brazilian model Camila Alvarez tied the knot semi-recently in 2012. It is not necessarily their decision to finally get married that made headlines (the couple had, in fact, already been together for years, and they currently have two children); what everyone can’t stop talking about is how they got married. McConaughey and his new bride chose a glamping theme — something most people hadn’t heard of at the time, but is now an emerging and rapidly growing trend.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is a mash-up of two words: glamour (or glamorous) and camping. In other words, glamping refers to any sort of luxury camping — from campgrounds with luxury amenities, such as resorts and clubhouses, to tent camping or tent rentals with non-traditional, luxury features, such as air-conditioning. Glamping may entail tent camping, cabin camping, RV camping, or even yurt camping — and comforts and extravagances may include chandeliers, cable and/or satellite television, saunas, fully-functioning kitchens, and more. Although it is an emerging trend and it may entail slightly different experiences in different campgrounds, glamping has a single, unified goal: to enable campers to enjoy the great outdoors and/or be fully immersed in nature, without sacrificing everyday or even high-end comforts.

Can You Go Glamping In the Winter?

The answer is yes — and, in fact, some people may even prefer glamping to more traditional camping during winter months. At the very least, most winter glamping will come along with fireplaces, electric fireplaces, heaters, and/or wood-burning stoves. Some campsites, such as campsites in Sweden, are taking it even further and renting out luxury igloo tents with wifi, showers, Apple TV, in-pod massages, and breakfast in bed.

Just about 43 million Americans went on a camping trip in 2013 — and that number is likely to increase, thanks to increased family camping and increased glamorous camping or glamping


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