Kid-Friendly Camping Tips and Activities

Kid-Friendly Camping Tips and Activities

RVFTA Syndicate Image 8_16Camping is a great way to spend time as a family. In fact, the 2014 American Camper Report showed that 40.1 million Americans (that’s 14% of the U.S. population over age six) camped in 2013. This just shows that kids of all ages enjoy camping, so plan your next family vacation immersed within the wilderness!

That being said, not all camping activities are kid friendly. Here are some fun tips and activities to enjoy with your kiddos that will make those family camping vacations ones to remember!


1.Pack clothes with easy dressing in mind. It will make the entire campsite tidy and easy to clean.

2.Prepare a good first aid kit.

3.Buy two collapsible bins. Throw laundry in one and trash in the other to stay a bit more organized.

4.Bring along puzzles, books, and quiet games so your kids can relax and have some free time to themselves when they are cabin camping.

Set up:

1.Think ahead and determine a safe campground layout, keeping the child’s location to the fire in mind at all times.

2.Set up a hand sanitizer or hand washing station that is easy for everyone to access.

3.Make sure your child has a lantern or flashlight within reach.

4.If you are camping in a tent, toss in some blankets and pillows to make the ambiance feel more comfortable.

Activities to do

Of course, Jellystone Parks pride themselves in 1st rate activities and amenities on site, but it’s always fun to have some old fashioned alternatives to keep in mind as well.

1.Star gaze! Bring along a book of constellations that are visible in your location at that time of year and get to imagining! See who can find the most unique constellations and hard to find planets.

2.Go searching for animal tracks. This is a great way to teach your younger kids to learn about wild animals in your geographic location.

3.Make s’mores and other treats over the campfire.

Games to play

1.Have a family-wide scavenger hunt! Be creative, split into teams, and whoever gets the most amount of items in an hour wins! Some ideas to include are a feather, a purple flower, an odd shaped rock, a piece of trash, a pine cone, a piece of rope, and/or a coin.

2.Lawn twister.

3.Glow stick ring toss.

4.Frisbee Golf.

5.Nature Tic Tac Toe.

With these tips in mind, you will not want to return from your family vacation! All you need to do is pull up to your family cabin rentals, pitch your tent, or rent an RV and get ready to make some great memories.


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts have everything you and your family need to make long-lasting memories. From pools, water slides, and splashgrounds to jumping pillows, wagon rides, and foam parties to theme events, s’mores, and of course, visits with Yogi Bear™ and his friends, family fun is always the main attraction at our family campgrounds! With more than 75 locations across the United States and Canada, we make it easy to enjoy a quality camping experience that’s close to home.

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