How to Find the Right Accommodations for Visiting Michigan Campgrounds

How to Find the Right Accommodations for Visiting Michigan Campgrounds

Americans are fortunate when it comes to camping in that there are so many different sites that are perfect for traveling. From hiking in the Adirondacks to horseback riding on the Great Plains, there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. As it turns out, camping in Michigan is no different. Michigan campgrounds feature plenty of space for all campers, and they also have attractions made for hiking, fishing, swimming, and other outdoor fun whether you stay up by the Great Lakes or go deep into the state’s forests.
Are you thinking about visiting Michigan campgrounds with your family? Keep these three factors in mind before you book your next camping trip:

Consider the type of camping you want to do.

When most people think about camping, tent camping is typically what comes to mind. This is the preferred way of camping for around 86% of all campers surveyed. However, there are other ways to go camping, and some of these accommodations are far more luxurious than others. One-third of campers stayed in cabins, 26% chose drive-up campsites, and 24% traveled and stayed in RVs. However, there are other ways to camp. Three out of ten campers like going backpacking and staying in the wilderness, and 2% preferred more unique accommodations, like sleeping in a yurt.

Choose the right time of year.

Because Michigan is so far north, the entire state is fortunate enough to see all four seasons. If winter camping is a bit too frigid for you, it may be best to wait until the thaw of spring or choose a cabin rental or other accommodations for the summer. Keep in mind, though, that this is peak season for camping, so book your cabin early! With the fall camping season already here, autumn at some campgrounds can feature a number of outdoor activities, from corn mazes to fall foliage tours.

Find the best campground locations for your trip.

The type of camping you prefer — from tent camping to RV or cabin camping — will depend largely upon your personal preferences. As such, it’s important to find Michigan campgrounds that offer the appropriate spaces for you and your family. The way you choose to camp may also influence how long you stay on your camping trip. Almost 70% of tent campers stay out for just one or two nights. RV campers, on the other hand, tend to have longer outings; of those surveyed, 28% stayed five or more nights on their camping trips. Cabin rentals can also extend your stay by giving you and your family the right amount of comfort and shelter in between spending time outdoors.

The key to going camping anywhere is to plan well in advance. Make sure you do your research before you go camping, so you know exactly what to expect — no matter which campgrounds you choose.


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