December 4, 2015 Blog

How to Find the Perfect Campgrounds

So you want to go family camping, but aren’t sure what sort of camp grounds you should be looking for. On the one hand, you want the real experience, but on the other hand, that might be a bit much for your kids. It’s totally understandable. You want to rough it, but not too roughly.

To help you find the right campgrounds for your next trip, consider the following.


    • What sort of camping do you want to do? Do you want to go tent camping, cabin camping, RV camping, or some other type of camping? Whichever one you feel compelled towards, start your search there. Some camp grounds offer all three choices, while others may only offer one type of camping. For example, if you want to go RV camping, you should consider looking for RV camp grounds.


    • Ask your friends where they go like to go camping (if they do like to go camping). There’s nothing better than a word of mouth recommendation, because they’ve been there. They’ve seen it. They’ve done it. They know what it’s like, and they can give you the inside scoop on whether or not to there.


    • Consider whether or not you want camp grounds extras and if they’re available. After all, if you plan on camping with children, you’re going to want to have plenty of things for the kids to do. After all, almost 70% of tent campers have one to two-night outings, which means they’re going to need plenty to do, and while 87% of campers participate in multiple outdoor activities, kids may not quite enjoy the same things as more adult campers. Fortunately, there are camp grounds with playgrounds, fire pits, electricity, restrooms and all the other amenities that kids may go crazy without.

There’s a reason why family camping vacations are one of the most popular ways Americans relax, as evidenced by the fact that in 2011, they spent 534.9 million days camping altogether. It’s because they’re one of the most fun ways to bond and spend time together as a family.