October 30, 2015 Blog

Free eBook Offers Tips on RVing With Grandkids

Many grandparents envision RVing with their grandkids as an ideal way to spend quality time together. But how do you handle teens who are glued to their mobile devices? What do you do with younger children who don’t like hiking or eating semi-charred hotdogs over an open fire? Get all the tips and creative ideas you need from the just-released eBook, RVing With Grandkids.


This free resource helps grandparents, (or any adult RVing with kids!) have all the resources they need to create wonderful, outdoorsy memories. Going camping for the first time? Wondering if you should take the family pet? Want some ideas on keeping kids engaged while hiking? Need help with indoor activities if it rains? No worries! RVing With Grandkids is your one-stop resource for anything RV-related. There are even suggestions on what to do if you don’t own an RV.


Silvana Clark, a frequent speaker at RV conferences across the country, states, “RV camping with children is the ideal way to expose them to the great outdoors. They still have the comforts of a cozy bed and indoor plumbing while being able to attend Jr. Ranger programs and explore creeks and trails.”


After ordering the free eBook, check out the Traveling Mom website that offers even more travel tips and family-friendly destinations.