October 8, 2009 East Region News

Foster & Adoptive Families Camp at NH Jellystone Park

Reprinted from The Fan Letter – New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth & Families Newsletter

Thankfully the rain did not show up for the 2nd Annual Foster Parent Appreciation weekend that was held May 29-31 at Jellystone Park campground in Ashland, New Hampshire. The sun, however, did show up along with over 200 foster parents and foster children to participate in the foster parent weekend. 

Over the weekend, days and nights were filled with fun activities, including candy bar bingo, tye dying t-shirts, swimming, hay rides, and visits from Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo™. Saturday’s events were a huge hit and closed with a barbeque that fed close to 200 hungry campers. A foster parent’s sister donated a beautiful cake with a Yogi Bear theme and many cookies for the weekend festivities that allowed everyone to satisfy their sweet tooth after dinner.

Not only did this weekend allow foster families to enjoy a relaxing time, it also presented great opportunities for foster parents to network and meet other foster families from around the State. It was exciting to see seasoned and new foster parents share their stories of fostering and gain support from one another. Also in attendance for some of the weekend events were DCYF staff members from several district offices and even some prospective foster parents. This weekend showed undeniable unity between foster families, foster children, staff and statewide communities.

Foster parents from all over the State were able to enjoy this peaceful weekend at a discounted rate of free campsites and half priced cabins.   Thanks Jellystone Park campground!