December 7, 2010 Jellystone Park News

Don't Miss Yogi's Christmas DVD

Dear Jellystone Visitors,

Happy holidays from the Big City! Boo Boo™ and I left Jellystone Park™ to spend the most wonderful time of the year metropolitan-style, with friends Snagglepuss™, Quick Draw McGraw™ and the gang! Luckily, I outwitted Ranger Smith™ with my department store Santa disguise. Our adventure led me to Judy, a girl who wants to spend more time with her workaholic dad. Who knew my love of pic-a-nic baskets would reunite them at a big city Christmas picnic in the park? Join the merrymaking, but get here before the basket is empty! The Flintstones™, Huckleberry Hound™, Augie Doggie™ and more also join us, making this a Christmas caper full of animated favorites for the whole hungry family.

Yours Truly, Yogi Bear™