Discover Genius Camping Tips for Your Next Trip

Discover Genius Camping Tips for Your Next Trip

For a total of 515 million outings, more than 40 million people went camping in 2010 alone. People go for summer camping trips for many reasons — 13% of adults went camping to spend quality time with their families while some campers do it for the chance do some extreme hiking. Camping is more than just an American past-time — it is a chance for people to reconnect with roots, trees, and the great outdoors. It’s a chance to unplug and relax, get some fresh air, and sleep under the stars.

However amazing camping sounds, and often is, there are certainly some nitty, gritty details that need some attention. Whether you want to go tent camping or cabin camping check out these camping tips for some innovative camping ideas.

    • Point a headlamp into a gallon jug of water — it’ll create an instant lantern.
    • Re-purpose an old coffee can to protect your toilet paper — just cut a slit in the side and feed the paper through. The camp resort may not have great toiletries or amenities.
    • Use empty Tic-Tac containers to store spices for camping cooking — no more carting around bulky spice containers.
    • For single-use toothpaste packets, cut up a straw, fill with paste, and seal the ends with a lighter. Also, make single use soap leaves by peeling a bar of soap with a vegetable peeler.
    • Do some meal prep — make pancake mix with shortening and dry milk, and store in a jar for instant pancakes (just add an egg and some water)
    • Frighteningly, but conveniently, Doritos make amazing fire-starters if you don’t have any of your own.
    • Add bundles of sage and rosemary to the campfire to keep mosquitoes at bay.
    • Invest in microfiber towels — they are super absorbent and lightweight
    • Freeze gallon jugs or empty juice containers to keep your cooler cool and food fresh.
    • Bring glow sticks — they will help you see your kids at night (and kids love glow sticks). Sunny campgrounds in the day can turn pitch black at night. If you have a dog, put one around his neck too. Color coding things with glow sticks at night can also help you stay completely organized.

Remember, to enjoy your family and friends and see how these tips might make your next camping adventure even better!



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