Creative Games and Activities for Fun Summer Camping Trips

Creative Games and Activities for Fun Summer Camping Trips

One of the biggest pleasures of spending your family vacation on summer camping trips is the togetherness you can enjoy while also getting away from it all. In fact, the single biggest motivator for going camping is the joy of camping in and of itself, according to 47% of adult campers. But when you add kids into the mix, it can be important to keep them active and entertained, even in the deepest of wooded campgrounds. To help you prepare for your upcoming summer camping trips, here are a few fun and creative games and activities that campers of all ages will enjoy.

    1. Scavenger HuntTo get little ones interested in the nature around them, plan a scavenger hunt of different flower, tree or animal varieties for them to hunt down. Not only will it motivate them to run around and explore, but it can be educational as well.
    2. Stories by SentenceFor late night campfire games, try telling a story together, one sentence at a time. You’ll be amazed at where your different imaginations will take you!
    3. Camp CookingCooking a meal over an open fire is one of the most fun and delicious parts of tent camping! Get your kids in on the fun by letting them assemble their own fillings for a tin foil packet of veggies that they can watch roast before their very eyes.
    4. Fairy HousesLet your kids become architects of their own imaginations by encouraging them to build a “fairy house” while you’re camped out. They can build small structures out of twigs, leaves, grass, pebbles, or whatever else you can find. Just be sure to build in a quiet and secluded spot, since fairies are shy!
    5. Pass the WaterWhen the weather is hot, nobody minds getting a little wet. Play this fun game where you stand in line and try to pour a cup of water over the back of your head into the next person’s cup. No peeking!

Family camping trips are made for fun and bonding. Enjoy the time you have together away from work, school, and technology on your summer camping trips this year by playing some of these fun games and activities.


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