Camping With Kids? Try These Fun Outdoor Activities

Camping With Kids? Try These Fun Outdoor Activities

Camping With family is Great!

Campfires, S’mores, and spotting animals in the forest! Camping with kids can be amazing. Of people who actively camp, 85% of them embarked on their first camping trip by the time they were 15. If you are a parent taking your kids on their first camping trip, there are many fun activities you can try. Whether you are renting cabins in Missouri, or opting for tents in California, these ideas are suited for any type of camping.

Organize A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Write up a list of natural treasures for your kids to find. They will run around in delight as they search for pinecones, dandelions, and the biggest leaf they can find. Have a small prize for the child who comes back to the campsite with the most objects from the list.

Spot Constellations

While sitting around the campfire at night, learn about the sky by pointing out constellations. A book about the stars could be a good resource for spotting even the most unknown formations. In the event of a meteor shower, spend the night spotting shooting stars and making wishes.

Get Creative With S’mores

When you’re sitting around the fire making s’mores, get creative by adding additional ingredients. Keep treats such as peanut butter cups and chocolate chip cookies on hand, and tell your kids to customize their perfect s’more.

Play Outdoor Games

Most campgrounds have enough space on each campsite for active games. Try organizing a game tournament, splitting your family into teams and challenging everyone to games such as ring toss and ladder golf.

Make Nature-Themed Crafts

Especially if you are staying in an RV, crafting is a great rainy day activity to keep your kids occupied. Collect leaves and other materials from nature, and try making creative collages. Try stringing grass together to make natural jewelry.

Involve Your Kids In Camping Prep

Again, whether heading to cabins in Montana or tents in California, involve your kids in the camping preparations. From choosing what food to bring to the actual campsite setup, your children will be happy to be involved. This will create a bonding experience for the entire family.

Camping will create some of your child’s most cherished memories. They will remember the taste of their own custom s’more and the scent of the wildflower they found in the woods for years to come.


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