Camping With Your Dog? How To Keep Your Pooch Happy And Safe

Camping With Your Dog? How To Keep Your Pooch Happy And Safe

While your dog has had to stay home for countless vacations, camping offers them a chance to join the family. Whether you plan to hike through the woods or simply relax by the fire, camping with your dog can be an enjoyable experience and they can be a steadfast companion through the entire trip. This is especially true if you prepare properly and address your needs while camping. From cabins in Kentucky to tents in California, there is no place that your pup won’t be able to explore.

While you can throw your bags in the car and head to the campground, prepping your dog may take a bit more planning.

  • Choose the right campground. Double check that the campground where you are staying is pet-friendly. You wouldn’t want to get turned away at the last moment.
  • Visit the vet. Be sure that your pup’s tick and flea medication is up to date. Also ask the vet whether your pup needs an updated rabies shot.
  • Remember their documents. Some campgrounds require documentation showing your pet’s registration and vaccination records.
  • Bring the right supplies. Even if your dog typically runs off-leash, this likely isn’t allowed in private and public campgrounds. Bring their leash, as well as a tether for when you are on the site.

Since your dog is in an unfamiliar and stimulating environment, camping with your dog might require more attention than normal.

  • Keep your dog with you. Remember that there most likely will be other dogs around, so you want to keep an eye on your dog at all times.
  • Ask about the nearest animal hospital. When you check into the campground, ask the staff where you can take your dog in the event of an emergency.
  • Keep them active. Unless you have an older dog, they might get anxious while sedentary. Take them for walks so they can explore their surroundings.
  • Regulate their feeding schedule. Even if you are staying at cabins in Kentucky, keep their feeding schedule the same as it is when you are home. This way, their routine won’t be too thrown off.

A recent survey found that 87% of campers enjoy multiple outdoor activities, and these can be even more rewarding with a dog. If you have specific concerns about camping with your pet, be sure to talk to the campground or even your vet. This way, you can arrive at the campground as prepared as possible to keep your pup safe.


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