These Campfire-Friendly Foods Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

These Campfire-Friendly Foods Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

An estimated 43 million Americans go camping each and every year, and ardent campers will venture at least 191 miles from their homes up to five times a year. The popularity of tent camping and family campgrounds raises a very important question: what’s to eat? Camping does not necessarily entail “roughing it.” Some grounds and camp sites offer all sorts of amenities for your convenience and comfort. If you have working hot water and other comforts of home, why spend the week eating cold beans from a can? There is a better; here’s how to do camping foods right.

What Is A Hobo Pie Maker?

A hobo pie maker, also called a camping press, is the perfect camping accessory. Most presses contain two sections, with room for a sandwich in each. Simply whip up your favorite sandwich, gently close the press, and hold it over the fire for a few minutes. Within no time at all, you can enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, or even some nontraditional sandwiches, like pizza sandwiches.

“Cake Or Death?” (Hint: Choose Cake!)

“When setting up camp, I keep the children quiet with a cake or two. Some cakes travel better than others; ginger cake, lemon drizzle and brownies are tried and tested,” BBC recommends. Do a little bit of research to discover your favorite cakes that will hold up relatively well, and bring a cake along to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Consider A Little Country Fried Cooking

Skillets are incredibly campfire-friendly, and there are plenty of delicious Southern recipes you can easily and convenient prepare in a skillet over the fire. Cornbread, for example, is a popular choice. Use the boxed stuff (we won’t tell!), or mix up your own with salt, cornmeal, water, and grease or butter.

Are you enjoying camp sites and the great outdoors with friends, family, and/or loved ones? Do it right. Prepare meals that will leave your mouth watering, not longing for home.


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