Bonding with the Grandkids at Jellystone Park

Bonding with the Grandkids at Jellystone Park

Barbara K. of Devens, MA, has been camping with us since 1985, passing on her beloved traditions to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now that’s a camper after Yogi’s own heart! That’s why Barbara is our March Campging Memories winner and will receive a basket of Yogi Bear™ goodies. Read on to find out how Barbara’s family has spent two decades building memories at Jellystone Park Camp-Resort.

I’ve been coming to Jellystone Park since 1985 when I brought my five daughters and their cousins camping. I usually came with 10 kids and myself. Since that time I have had five weddings and now 12 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren that I have been bringing to see Yogi and Cindy and Boo Boo. It’s my fondest memories. I was camping in the rain in our tent that sleeps 12 at our favorite site one time with 10 kids and it collapsed with all of us inside and we all scurried to the van to find a dry spot to finish the night out in. As morning approached, so did the camp staff. They were wonderful. They took all our soaked sleeping bags and dried them in the laundry for us, they helped squeegee out our flooded tent and helped us drain our site of the big lake, as my grandson called it. Those grandkids are in their 20’s now and still talk about that camping trip and how they will never forget it.

Another time I had only five grandkids with me and the winds suddenly picked up and blew at our tent and shook the walls and kept us all awake. My oldest grandson Noah said to me, “Boy, it’s a good thing you’re fat, Nana, to hold the tent down!” We laughed until we fell asleep. They registered 55 mph winds that night and the damage we saw in the morning shocked us, but again the camp staff came through and helped us clear our sites of debris and helped us find our screen house that took off in the middle of the night towards the river. It was very exciting and very much fun. 
march-winnerYour staff is amazing. The activities involve all of us as a family, or individuals if that’s what they want; there is always something for everyone, no matter how young or how old. My granddaughter has made friends with some of the cleaning ladies who helped her reach the sink to wash her muddy hands, and the maintenance men who deliver our wood for us as I am too old now to carry it myself. The campgrounds are the cleanest and safest I have ever had the pleasure of staying at, and I would never take my grandkids anywhere else. It’s like being home when we are there. Even the campers are helpful, courteous, and have made lasting relationships with my kids and grandkids. Whenever anybody ever asks me where I want to go on vacation, they need not even ask; I want to go to Jellystone Park. The best camping experience of a lifetime.  
Thank you for years and years of great memories with my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, I will never forget any of it. Ever. See you in the spring!!

 Thanks, Barbara, for sharing with us! We can’t wait to see you again. 

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