10 Rules for Glamping

10 Rules for Glamping

I came across this article on aupairs.org and thought it was funny.  This list is for someone who really doesn’t like to get dirty!  For #4, at Jellystone Parks, we may not set up a tent for you, but we have plush cabins with all the comforts of home.  As for #7 on the list, Jellystone Parks are all about families so we say “Bring the Kids!” and let us entertain them while you relax around the campfire.

1.Do not make your own food.  When you go glamping you will be treated to gourmet food cooked by a chef.  Depending on the experience, the food could be cooked over an open fire on-site where you can watch or it might come on a tray already prepared elsewhere.  If you go to Las Ventanas al Paraiso in tropical Cabo San Lucas you will experience a wonderful private moonlit dinner on the beach before you sleep under the stars on the roof of the hotel.

2.Do not make your own bed.  One of the many benefits of glamping is that there are people around to take care of the work for you.  With glamping you get out into nature and enjoy the relaxing environment, without all of the work.

3.Do not make your own fire.  When glamping, the fire pit is lit before you can even snap your fingers.  Forget sitting on a rock or a stump that you pull up around the fire.  When glamping you are provided with soft comfy chairs or benches.

4.Do not set up your own tent.  While there are resorts and other locations that make you set up your own tent because they feel that you are glamping at their facility because you can go into the resort and get a massage, work out or buy a mixed drink, take note: these places are just fancy campgrounds.  To be glamping you won’t need to get your hands dirty, unless you want to.  The tents are already set up and the bed is made with luxury linens, unless you sleep in an air conditioned RV, cabin or Yurt, of course.

5.Do not sleep on the ground.  Beds are provided for you.  Sometimes they are very exotic canopy beds and other times they are traditional beds, but they have a nice mattress for you to sleep on so there’s no need to worry about creepy crawlies or having to use a rock for a pillow.  With glamping you can enjoy luxury linens and down comforters.

6.You must take in your surroundings.  Some glamping areas are buried in the heart of the city, but you are sleeping out under the stars and everything is taken care of for you.  When glamping in the city it’s a little like when you were a kid and you pitched a tent in the backyard.  There are things to go and do within walking distance.  Many other glamping locations are set in perfect surroundings; overlooking a beautiful lake, high on a hill where you can see for miles, in the mountains where you need to be dropped by helicopter, or on an island where you can only arrive by boat.

7.Leave the kids at home.  Some camps don’t mind kids and there are lots of things for them to do.  In fact, places like Normandy Farms in Massachusetts have kids sized cabins that can be placed on your site for the kids to play and sleep in. Others consider glamping an adult only affair where the crowd is able to commune with nature and enjoy adult food and drinks. Be sure to know if your resort is family friendly before you pack up the kids.

8.Don’t wash the dishes.  In a true glamping experience, meals will be served on china instead of plastic or paper.  There is nothing glamorous about paper plates and plastic forks.  You don’t wash the dishes when you eat at a restaurant and the experience will be similar while you are glamping.

9.Don’t bring an alarm clock.  When you are out in nature you will wake up with the sun or whenever you feel like getting up.  If you want to take an early morning stroll just let the concierge know and he will wake you gently.  Bring a sleeping mask if you’d like to sleep past sunrise.

10.De-stress and enjoy yourself.  The most important rule of glamping is to show up ready to relax and to have fun.  Glamping is expensive and only for those that aren’t worried about the money they are spending.  Massages are often offered right in your tent.  Sometimes live music will be provided for your entertainment.  Sit back, relax and just enjoy the glamping experience.


Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts have everything you and your family need to make long-lasting memories. From pools, water slides, and splashgrounds to jumping pillows, wagon rides, and foam parties to theme events, s’mores, and of course, visits with Yogi Bear™ and his friends, family fun is always the main attraction at our family campgrounds! With more than 75 locations across the United States and Canada, we make it easy to enjoy a quality camping experience that’s close to home.

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