"Death by Chocolate" Weekends at Jellystone Campgrounds

June 24, 2013

Jellystone Park campgrounds are known for family fun and at our “Death by Chocolate” weekends, you’ll find a messy good time. Campers can participate in a variety of chocolate activities including pudding wresting, chocolate slip-n-slide, pie eating competitions and more.  Here’s a list of campgrounds with upcoming Death by Chocolate events:

death by chocolate at jellystone campgrounds

Delaware Beaches Jellystone Park, June 28 – 30: Human sundae contest; chocolate pudding wrestling; hot chocolate and marshmallows tug-o-war; sweetheart dance with a DJ and chocolate fountain.Jellystone Park Gulf Shores Alabama, July 29 to Aug. 4: Enjoy homemade chocolate ice cream and create chocolate crafts.

Jellystone Park Eufaula Oklahoma, July 19 – 21: Chocolate Slip N Slide; chocolate pie eating contest; and an ice cream social.

Jellystone Park at Mammoth Cave Kentucky, July 15 – 21: Chocolate Slip N Slide; candy bar bingo; chocolate tug-o-war; wrestle in chocolate pudding; and paint with chocolate pudding.

Jellystone Park in Milton Pennsylvania., June 28 – 30: candy toss; candy jar guess game; chocolate Slip N Slide; and a hot fudge brownie ice cream social.

New York Camping Resort To Host Wrestling Event to Benefit Autism

June 15, 2013

Families who visit Jellystone Park’s New York Camping Resort in North Hudson on Saturday, June 22, will have a chance to see an entertaining, family oriented wrestling performance by P.A.C. Wrestling.

Proceeds from the 6 to 9 p.m. event will be donated to Upstate NY Autism Awareness (UNYAA), a non-profit group that was formed by dedicated parents of children experiencing the effects of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). UNYAA is a 100 percent volunteer organization based in Queensbury, N.Y. that provides resources and support to over 300 families and children in northern Upstate New York.

Admission to the event is by donation and is open to the public as well as guests spending the weekend at Jellystone Park New York Camping Resort. In addition to the wrestling event, there will also be a 50/50 raffle, basket raffles and concession stands.

Jellystone Park campgrounds are famous for their family-friendly activities, which also include kids crafts, themed weekend activities throughout the camping season and, of course, visits by Yogi the Bear. P.A.C. Wrestling is a non-profit group that provides family shows full of action, drama and comedy with a goal of helping those in need.

Jellystone Park Campgrounds Are Going Green

June 13, 2013

Over the years, the Jellystone Park campgrounds have become more conscious of implementing earth friendly and nature-focused education programs.

Families who visit the Jellystone Park  campground in Williamsport, Md. find that the forested campground is green in more ways than one. The Maryland campground not only has several onsite recycling centers for aluminum cans, paper and cardboard. It also provides boxes for recyclable waste inside each rental cabin.

“We give our recycled materials to Goodwill and to a local non-profit center for people with special needs,” said Carrie Cerrito, the campground’s general manager.

Meanwhile, at the Jellystone Park in Fremont, Indiana, solar heating is used to provide supplemental heating for outdoor swimming pools, while the Jellystone Park in Larkspur, Colo. has integrated a goat ranch into its operations for fire mitigation and guest education purposes.

But the green initiatives underway at Jellystone Park campgrounds aren’t limited to recycling programs and infrastructure improvements. Many Jellystone Parks are also developing nature-focused activity and education programs.

“Across the U.S. and Canada, growing numbers of Jellystone Park Camp Resorts are complementing their green initiatives with activity and education programs that encourage children and adults alike to take better care of the environment,” said Michele Wisher, Director of Marketing for Milford, Ohio-based Leisure Systems Inc., which franchises Jellystone Parks across North America.

The 79-unit family campground chain was the first campground organization in the U.S. to join Leave No Trace, a Boulder, Colo.-based non-profit organization that develops educational programs to help children and adults take better care of the environment.

Leave No Trace provides Jellystone Park operators with information on how to develop their own nature education programs, which park operators can tailor to suit their guests’ interests. Here is a sampling of some of the nature oriented activities taking place at Jellystone Parks across North America this spring, summer and fall:

Austin, Minnesota: This campground recycles water bottles for use in arts and crafts activities.  They also have a junior ranger program filled with nature-focused activities. On Mother’s Day, children also planted a flower garden for Cindy Bear.

Bloomington, Indiana: This campground offers daily nature hikes. WildCare Inc., an organization dedicated to rehabilitating and taking in injured and orphaned animals from around Monroe County, is also bringing in three of their ambassadors to teach campers about responsible wildlife interactions and what to do if they find an injured animal in their own backyard.

Bradford, Ontario (Toronto Market): This campground offers a weekly nature walk and scavenger hunt followed by a nature craft activity.

Fremont, Indiana: This campground has nature focused scavenger hunts, craft activities involving recycled materials and Leave No Trace activities.

Indian River, Michigan: This campground offers nature crafts; nature hikes; bug hunts; and pond exploration activities. This fall, the park will also offer Northern Michigan Safaris to give campers the ability to spot as many different types of wildlife as possible.

Larkspur, Colorado: This campground has a goat ranch integrated into the operations of the campground with daily opportunities for campers to feed and pet the goats. Other nature oriented activities include brushing a miniature horse; collecting eggs from the chicken coop; and preparing the campground’s gardens. The campground also has an observation bee hive and displays on bee keeping, the history of bees and the importance of bees.

Summer goes by fast – make your reservation for a fun-filled summer vacation at Jellystone Park campgrounds today!


Toco Festival This Weekend In St. Louis

September 9, 2011

TOCO Music Fest from Friday September 9 to Sunday September 11 at Jellystone Park™ Campground near Six Flags – St. Louis.  The campground is located at 5300 Fox Creek Road Eureka, MO. Camping options range from primitive to deluxe. It features music, camping, art, food, beverage vendors, campsite decorating contest, collective arts project, kids concerts and a party zone with a variety of children’s entertainment including face painting, performances and workshops. Tickets or information: tocofestival.com or call 257-8626.

Jellystone Park™ Gears Up For Halloween

September 9, 2011

Labor Day weekend may mark the end of the traditional summer camping season, but for the Jellystone Park™ Campgrounds that offer Halloween-themed activities; their busiest season is just beginning.

“We’re just now getting into our busiest time of the year,” Dana Gabriel, co-owner of the Jellystone Park Campground in Swansea, S.C. , stated in a news release. She added that her park offers five consecutive Halloween-themed weekends that include carnival games as well as costume contests for adults, children and pets; campsite decorating contests; and trick or treating. Halloween-themed activities have gotten to be so popular, Gabriel said, that the park ratchets up the scariness, with “no scare” Halloween events on the last weekend of September and first weekend of October, followed by three full-on scary weekends for older children and adults that also include a haunted house, which Gabriel and her family created out of an old barn.

Most Jellystone Parks now offer Halloween-themed activities. Activities typically include campsite decorating and costume contests as well as trick or treating and, in some cases, haunted houses and spooky nighttime walks in the forest.

Garbage Can Dinner for Camping

September 8, 2011

Looking for an easy campsite recipe that will feed a hungry group? Check out this Garbage Can Dinner from Jellystone Park Campground guest Stephanie Miller. This hearty meal is cooked over the campfire and feeds 12-18 people.
18 ears of corn, unhusked
5 lbs. medium potatoes, washed but uncut
5 large onions, peeled
8 lbs. sausage (any kind)
1 lb. carrots, peeled
Prepare a 30-gallon galvanized garbage can, including the lid, by heating over your campfire until it’s black inside and out. When cool, wash well. This process removes the galvanizing chemical, which is toxic.
Stand up corn in bottom of can. Top with whole potatoes, onions, carrots and then sausage. Fill with water just to cover food by an inch.
Arrange two concrete bricks on either side of your campfire. Set the garbage can on the bricks; cover and cook one hour. Remove can from fire and serve, using a large slotted spoon.

Yogi Bear™ Corn Maze Now Open in Sioux Falls

September 6, 2011

For the third consecutive year, Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park™ Campground of Sioux Falls is welcoming families to get lost in seven acres of twists, turns and dead ends in the world’s only Yogi Bear Corn Maze.

Opening Friday September 2, the corn maze is located at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground at the I-90 Exit 402. Admission is open to the general public and includes the corn maze with two levels of difficulty, jumping pillow, wagon rides and visits by Yogi Bear. Discounts are given to camping guests or groups of 20 or more

“Whether you solve the maze under blue skies, with flashlights, or the light of the moon on a starry night, the maze is fun for all ages,” said Bruce Aljets, owner of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground. “Once again, we are excited to offer folks from the tri-state region a unique, budget-conscious option for the whole family to enjoy.”

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Campground of Sioux Falls was named Campground of the Year in 2009 by the Jellystone Park franchise system. The campground has won a number of awards since it was founded in 1989.

For more information regarding the corn maze hours and rates, visit siouxfallscornmaze.com or call 800-638-9043.

Jellystone Park Campground in Mill Run, PA Celebrates the Opening of Their New Wetland

June 17, 2011

Recently Jellystone Park Campground in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, was featured in TribLIVE  News announcing their grand opening of their new splashground. See the article below.

Yogi Bear’s Wetlands to Open on Saturday
By Rachel R. Basinger, FOR THE DAILY COURIER
Friday, June 10, 2011

Every year Randy Work, owner of Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort in Mill Run, tries to add something new to make his patrons’ camping experiences a little more special.

This year, campers will enjoy a whole new way to stay cool.

The park will hold the grand opening of Yogi Bear’s Wetlands at the center of the park, which includes Pirates Lagoon and Hurricane Mountain, on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for 1 p.m.

Work said the day will include popcorn, snow cones and music; will have a Hawaiian and pirate theme; and encourages visitors to put on their grass skirts or eye patches.

“We really were trying to give it a tropical feel with palm trees and all so that campers could get that kind of atmosphere here in the north,” he said.

Tracy Czambel, operations manager, said construction of the new water park began last October, although the concept and ideas were tossed around for a couple of years.

“Randy (Work) takes a lot of pride in the park and invests a lot back into it for the enjoyment of the families,” she said.

Pirate Lagoon includes a huge fiberglass pirate ship, smaller slides and lots of water-spraying devices as well as a gigantic bucket of water at the top of a tower that empties out onto those below about every 3 to 5 minutes.

Hurricane Mountain is the site for two new tube-like fiberglass water slides, including a loop slide and a speed slide.

The construction of the new water park was completed by Emerald FX, LLC, North American Mazur, owned by Chuck DeCaro, Norwalk, Ohio. He said his company builds any kind of fiberglass construction and has worked with Cedar Point, Busch Gardens and Walt Disney World in the past.

Work said the park was opened in 1974 and is for family fun. It spans 100 acres and has 200 campsites and cabins.

Last year a new entrance and registration building was constructed as well as a new snowless snow-tubing track.

In addition, seven new cabins were recently built and 25 new campsites are under construction. The resort is also looking at building a new store and restaurant by the water park to replace the current store and restaurant at the lower end of the park.

The park and resort and all the activities offered are open to the public from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for $15 per day per person or $100 per person for a summer pass.

Jellystone Park in Hagerstown, Maryland Helps to Win a Guinness World Record

June 16, 2011

Jellystone Park Campground in Hagerstown, Maryland was recently featured in an article on Herald-mail.com for their participation in setting a world record for the largest swim lesson. Take a look at the article below.

Swimming Enthusiasts Stroke, Float Toward Record

June 14, 2011

WASHINGTON COUNTY— The 400-foot-tall water slides were tempting, but the swimmers at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort near Williamsport weren’t there to play: They were there to break a world record.

The Jellystone water park and the pool at Martin L. “Marty” Snook Memorial Park in Halfway were Washington County’s venues Tuesday in The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson.

The event was designed to inform children about water safety and aimed to beat last year’s Guinness World Record of 3,971 participants from 34 states and five countries. This year, all 50 states and 12 countries were involved, according to the WLSL website.

Between the two local pools, Washington County added more than 80 participants to this year’s total.

“It’s for kids to learn how to be safe around water and how not to be afraid of water. When they get scared and panic, then it can become a much more serious situation,” said Jellystone General Manager Carrie Cirrito. “It’s so fun to be a part of it.”

Cirrito said the park was recruited by the World Waterpark Association, one of many organizations sponsoring the event.

Marsha Moats, program coordinator of the Washington County Recreation Department, said the Halfway pool was running a weeklong swimming program with Girls Inc. on the scheduled date and decided to get involved. Sixty-one girls participated with the help of eight swimming instructors, she said.

“We were just hoping to spread the word about swimming lessons and that they save lives,” Moats said. “It was super, super successful.”

The lesson plan provided by WLSL covered beginner curriculum, including entering the water, submergence, bobbing, floating and basic swimming techniques.

“It was very well-organized. The handbook walks you through step by step. It made putting everything together pretty easy,” Moats said.

Jellystone instructors Kelly Harold and Tracey Artz said they had been preparing for the event for about a week.

“Water is fun, but water is dangerous,” Harold said. “(The kids) enjoyed it. Even though most of them knew how to swim, they said they still had fun.”

At Jellystone, participation was free for anyone older than 3. The 45-minute lesson started at 11 a.m., and swimmers were encouraged to stay and enjoy the water park afterward.

The Girls Inc. swimmers in Halfway divided into groups based on ability, and each group practiced different techniques.

WLSL participants have to carefully record the event in order to be part of the Guinness World Record, Cirrito said. Log sheets, witness records, photographs and videos are required.

The information is due next week, Cirrito said.

For Jamie Wainwright and his 6-year-old daughter, Haley, the lesson marked the first summer she was able to swim without a life jacket.

“I look for anything to do to get her to work on her swimming skills,” Wainwright said. “This is a momentous summer.”

Moats said the Halfway pool offers Red Cross swimming lessons starting next week. This is the first time Jellystone has sponsored swimming lessons.

“I think the lesson went great. They learned a lot. I was very impressed with the teachers,” Cirrito said. “We had thought about offering swimming lessons before but decided not to. We may have to rethink that.”

Geocache at Maryland Campground

May 4, 2011

Jellystone Park™ Campground in Hagerstown , Maryland is ground zero for a great cache located in this beautiful natural setting. Special cache—treasure hunts are scheduled four times per year. Please contact the park at  (800) 421-7116 for their event dates.   

Other Geocaching Events: With room to roam and various lodging accommodations, Jellystone Park Campgrounds are a great place to get involved in geocaching. Many Jellystone Park campgrounds have their own geocaches and participate with special geocache events and activities. Check out the other geocache events happening in 2011 at our family campgrounds.