Would You Survive Camping During The Zombie Apocalypse?

Would You Survive Camping During The Zombie Apocalypse?

Want to make your visit to nontraditional or family campgrounds unforgettable? There are plenty of ways to do just that, and these ways range from creative to truly bizarre. In 2013, 43 million Americans packed up the bare essentials and pitched tents on camping sites. Camping can be a great family experience, and campers can choose from tent camping, cabin camping, or even camping in relatively new yurts. Now Americans can also choose their own adventure — and decide whether they would like to center camping trips around the popular book series The Hunger Games or even the zombie apocalypse.

Camping Hunger Games Style

Disclaimer: please do not challenge friends, family, and/or fellow campers to fight to the death. New, Hunger Games-themed camping experiences teach young adults survival skills, such as foraging for edible plants, building shelters, and starting a fire. Kids also learn archery and play games, similar to capture the flag, with opponents from other districts. Thankfully, the Hunger Games boot gamecamp does not recreate the extreme violence in the books and films.

Bring Out Your Inner Cowgirl (Or Cowboy!)

Do you know how to make a grill using just a tin can? Get stuff done around camping sites — and do it using just the bare minimum, like they did long ago. To create your very own tin can grill, use heavy-duty metal scissors to cut several three- to four-inch slits in the sides of the can. Bend back these flaps to create a basket-like fixture, and weigh down the very bottom of the can with some dirt. Cover the whole thing in aluminium foil, add some charcoal, and a grill rack, and you’re all set!

What Do Zombies Have To Do With Camping?

Some new camping trips can help you be prepared for anything, including the zombie apocalypse. “Survivors learn how to build a shelter without any tools, collect wild edibles, and lean just what to pack if you’re camping in zombie territory. Survivors will also be taught paramilitary field tactics to escape and evade zombie hordes,” The Westman Journal writes.

Camping can get pretty unique and interesting. Choose from yurt or tent camping, or really mix things up by going on camping excursions that help you imagine what it’d be like roughing it during the zombie apocalypse.


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