Get Wet ‘n Wild with Our Waterslides, Lazy Rivers & Splash Parks!

When the temperature rises, there’s only one place to be – in the cool, clear water. While nearly every Jellystone Park™  Camp-Resort boasts a sparkling pool, 39 of our campgrounds offer some serious splash-time fun, either onsite or just next door. Here’s a list of seven parks that added to their water attractions this summer camping season – you’ll find everything from the thrill of a 400-foot waterslide to relaxing lazy rivers and toddler-friendly fountain fun. And be sure to check with your favorite Jellystone Park™  to see what they’ve got in store to keep your family cool and active.

Pittsfield, IL: This park has added new water toys for its lake, and offers a swimming pool and splashpad.

Bloomington, IN: You’ll love the brand-new $750,000 interactive water play attraction that includes water slides, water blasters and dozens of interactive water features that spray, splash and dump thousands of gallons of water, including a 30-foot tall Giant Hydro Storm that dumps 500 gallons of water. There’s also an outdoor pool, indoor pool and kid’s pool with splash feature.

Fremont, IN: Look for a $750,000 climbable water feature with a tipping bucket in late July or early August. In the meantime, cool off in three outdoor swimming pools, one indoor pool, a water splash playground and three giant water slides that are 42 feet high and over 300 feet long.

Mt. Gilead, OH: Zoom down the new 75-foot long tubular slide, then take a plunge on the 250-foot long waterslide. The park also has two heated swimming pools and a 6-acre lake with a floating jungle gym as well as paddle boat and kayak rentals.

Burleson, TX: The owner of this Jellystone Park™ is nearing completion of a $1 million expansion of Pirates Cove waterpark, a separate facility located next door to the campground. New attractions at Pirates Cove include a 60-foot tall kamikaze slide that provides a nearly vertical slide as well as a 60-foot tall “fast track” with six side-by-side lanes that provide a 350-foot-long slide. The park is also installing two 40-foot-tall corkscrew slides that dump into a swimming pool as well as a paintball play area and a new food court. Other new features will include a 700-foot-long lazy river with zero entry lagoons and a stage area for concerts and “dive in” movies.

Waller, TX: A new lazy river and a 565-foot family slide join the park’s 2,500-square-foot splash pad that includes various water slides, dump buckets and spray toys, an activities pool and a 350-foot Pine Tree Plunge water slide.

Wichita Falls, TX: This park, which recently joined the Jellystone Park™  system, is completing a new spray ground, set to open early July 2014.

New Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort at Dogwood Valley

We’re excited to welcome the newly renovated Dogwood Valley Camping Resort in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, to the Jellystone Park™ family! The Columbus area campground is owned by Nancy and Richard Felber, who’ve made more than $1 million in improvements since purchasing the 202 park site five years ago.

Additions and improvements to Dogwood Valley include new water and sewer service connections; a 2,000-square-foot store and office; and two new swimming pools complete with a 250-foot waterslide and a 75-foot-long, 14-foot-tall tunnel slide.

The new Dogwood Valley Jellystone Park™ offers plenty to do for everyone in the family. Don’t miss the 6-acre crystal clear lake with its white, sandy beach, swimming area and midlake platform. The inflatable water tower and blob add excitement, and the park’s paddleboats and canoes offer a relaxing way to spend a hot summer afternoon. The lake is even fully stocked for catch-and-release fishing. Not into the water today? Hiking trails, playgrounds and games like tetherball, basketball and volleyball are waiting for you too.

Joining the Jellystone Park™ family of course means plenty of visits from Yogi Bear™ and his friends, as well as our famous themed weekends. Coming up on the Dogwood Valley calendar are Racing Days, Candy Castle and Slimefest.  You’ll find the new Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort at Dogwood Valley in scenic Mt. Gilead, OH, at 4185 Township Road 99. For more information or to make reservations, visit






Taking your Family Camping

Family camping 2

Family camping 2Check out Camp Jellystone’s new infographic on their blog!

What Are Some Of The Most Daring Places To Camp?

Americans are taking tent camping to new and exciting levels. While a standard family camping experience — or spending a few nights at family campgrounds — can be a great vacation and relaxing reprieve, there are plenty of options for Americans who are looking for a thrilling adventure, instead. What are some of the most daring places to pitch your tent?

What Is Cliff Camping?

Some climbers literally spend nights hanging from cliffs. “For years climbers have been using portaledges, a contraption made with an aluminum frame that is held up on the side of a cliff using pegs and carabineers,” The Weather Channel writes. A regular climber and camper describes the portaledges as comfortable, and explains that you often cannot see the cliff — or the drop — when you are trying to sleep.

Are Americans Really Camping At The Bottom Of The Sea?

Some campers prefer an almost luxurious experience at campgrounds with long lists of amenities. The odd camper, however, may also choose to purchase one-of-a-kind, underwater tents. Some campers in Guam made history by using weights to anchor a tent at the bottom of the sea. The men reportedly needed to cut long slits in their tent to prevent it from floating up to the surface.

Get Up Close and Personal With Rainforests

If you are really looking for a daring and dangerous experience, the rainforest is the place to do it. “Camping in the rainforest comes with its own unique set of challenges, including a wet, hot climate, hordes of insects, and the threat of diseases like malaria,” The Weather Channel continues. For campers who are sold on the idea, some stores even sell anti-malaria pills for that exact purpose.

More Americans are camping every year. In fact from 2010 to 2012, the number of American campers increased by 3 million — and some of those campers are redefining traditional tent camping by spending the night hanging from a cliff or even in the depths of the rainforest.

Is It Safe To Camp Alone?

More often than not, some rest and relaxation — or a nice, long vacation — are a welcome change from the daily grind. The 43 Americans who camped last year, moreover, were onto something. Camping can be a fun and restful idea for family vacations, but it can also be a great solitary activity. What are some tips for Americans who want to strike out and go camping on their own?

Carefully Inspect Any Gear and Equipment Before You Leave

“Test your camping gear before you pack — especially if it has been sitting unused in storage for a while. Bring extra batteries, matches, a lighter, tinder and paper in a plastic bag so they don’t get wet,” The Travel Channel recommends. Decide from the start whether you will go cabin camping or tent camping. If you are camping in a tent, make sure it is practical to place all of the poles on your own.

Do You Have a Dog? Consider Bringing Him or Her Along

Solo campers can guarantee a certain amount of companionship and safety simply by bringing a dog along. (Okay, so that’s not strictly alone — but dogs are likely to be relatively silent and agreeable companions!) Dogs can pick up on sounds before humans, alerting you to any animals near cabin rentals or near your tent in family campgrounds. “It was only because of 2 dogs that I survived a run-in with a mountain lion in New Mexico,” one lone camper tells The Travel Channel.

Don’t Stray From The Marked Trails

Some campgrounds have luxurious amenities that can easily keep you occupied all day long. If you want to venture out into nature, however, stick to marked paths — especially if you are camping by yourself. That way, if you lose cellphone service and you need help, you’re likely to run into someone.

Cabin camping — or even camping in a tent — can be an extremely relaxing experience with friends and family, or even on your own! Know what to expect and be careful if you do plan to go camping alone.

Tips and Tricks for a Great Family Camping Trip

When it comes to choosing a vacation for your family, a family camping trip can be a great option. Whether you’re interested in camping in tents or would prefer to stay in style at a RV camping park, there are numerous benefits to this experience in the great outdoors: statistics show that 74% of campers report trying something new at a family summer camp, and 63% of children report that they continued new activities they learned at camp even after returning home. Moreover, camping has been shown to help kids learn respect for nature and help families spend time together. For this reason, camping is becoming increasingly popular: three million more Americans went camping in 2012 than in 2010. However, if you are unsure of how to ease your family into camping life, follow these tips to make your family camping trip a great time for all:

Firstly, you may want to consider the style of camping that will best suit your family: while the traditional image of camping is of camping in tents in the wilderness, camping is no longer synonymous with “roughing it.” Some families may enjoy tent camping, while others will likely prefer staying at RV parks or cabin camping, which are known to be more comfortable.

Secondly, find a park that is a comfortable distance away from home, and provides activities and services that you are interested in. There are great campgrounds in every state in the U.S., from cabins in Tennessee to tent camping in New York. There are also a number of great family camping resorts that can provide fun for the whole family, with plenty of amenities, activities, and services that will appeal to all ages.

Thirdly, make sure everyone in your family is comfortable with the idea of a camping trip, especially if you have young children who have never been on a similar trip. Even if you are not camping in tents, it may be beneficial to have a trial period in which your family camps out in the backyard. Additionally, for the duration of the trip, have your kids pack their own bags, including favorite toys, books, or stuffed animals that may help them feel more at home.

Fourthly, be prepared to exercise common consideration. Because you will be sharing the campground with other campers, keep noise at a reasonable level, dispose of your garbage properly, and be polite and courteous when you come into contact with other campers. However, you are also due the same consideration you extend to your neighbors: if someone at your campground is being disruptive and discourteous, even after polite requests to change their behavior, feel free to contact a campground administrator.

Declare Your Independence from the Ordinary at Jellystone Park™ !

Is your family looking for something new to do this Independence Day holiday? Or maybe celebrating with Yogi Bear™ and his buds is a household tradition for your clan. Either way, you’ll have anything but an average holiday when you visit Jellystone Park™ Camp Resorts this July Fourth holiday weekend!

Jellystone Park™ campgrounds across America take great pride in blowing the lid off our country’s birthday – every celebration is unique, but they all guarantee one thing: a holiday your family and friends will never forget. Be sure to check with your favorite park for their plans; but to give you just a tiny glimpse at what’s in store, read on:

Delaware Beaches (July 3-7) Watch the fireworks at the beach or on the greens. Join us for a karaoke dance, site decorating, tournaments, heyrides and much more including just relaxing by the campfire at your site.

South Haven, MI (July 3-6) Independence Day Celebration- Let’s get together for a traditional 4th of July Celebration.  Bring your decorations and deck out your bike, golf cart and your site in all that’s Red, White, and Blue.  Then be sure to march or ride in our parade!  Yogi Bear™ can’t wait to jam out to some karaoke tunes, and then dance to the live band.  Of course, all of our crafts and activities will have the Red, White, and Blue theme.  Be sure to check out South Haven’s “Light up the Lake,” as fireworks are not allowed in the campground.

Akron/Canton, OH (July 3-7) Participate in our 3rd annual Cardboard Boat Regatta and attempt to “Walk on Water”. Don’t forget your cardboard boat. We’ll have treasure hunts, walk the planks, and peg-leg races. Spend the holiday weekend with us and enjoy the boat parade and regatta.

Tyler, TX (June 30-July 5) Come salute the USA with Yogi Bear™. Help decorate the red, white, and blue “Hey, Hey, Hey” ride for the Patriotic Parade. Bring your bikes, trikes, and USA decorations to join in the parade.  Create a red, white, and blue Tie-Dye t-shirt to wear for the 4th of July holiday.  Relax and sleep like a bear on Monday morning! (3 day minimum). Please note: NO PERSONAL FIREWORKS of any kind are allowed in the park, year round.

Austin, MN (July 3-7) It’s the weekend to celebrate our great nation, where we are proud to be an American, and where the flag still shows we are free, and we’ll party in Minnesota to show our troops our glee! Friday night enjoy Yogi Bear™ cartoons as well as a Jump & Jive (Teens Only). Parade your freedom with Red, White & Blue Saturday. Decorate your golf carts, bikes, floats, wagons, etc. Prizes will be awarded. Saturday night we are going to sing our hearts out with Karaoke. Sunday night we will have “LADY LUCK” in the house for some awesome entertainment. All weekend long also enjoy Color Time, ceramics, tye-dye, obstacle courses, arts & crafts and join in on the ice cream social. So much fun, so little time! Let’s shout out a “Thank You” to all the military branches and their families for helping us stand so proud with our Nation! Three night minimum stay and play required!

Many parks require a minimum night stay for this major holiday, so be sure to check with your favorite campground. We’re excited to spend Independence Day with your family!

Celebrate All Things Canadian with Us on Canada Day

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1, commemorates the date in 1867 when three Canadian provinces were united into a single country. This marked the beginning of the nation’s journey toward independence from Great Britain. Originally called Dominion Day, In 1982 the country declared the date a holiday and renamed it Canada Day. Where better to spend the holiday this year than with your friends at Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resorts?

Several of our Canadian parks host a fun, family friendly Canada Day event – here’s a look at what they have planned for 2014.

In Kingston, Nova Scotia, take a trip “Around the World” over the long weekend of June 27-July 1. Each day features a new destination – from an Irish Clover Hunt, African Relay Race and Greek Statues to Kangaroo Races, Brazilian Soccer and a Rio Carnival Dance. Kids will love the Mexican Fiesta Piñata Party with Yogi Bear™! For teens, there’s a free Italian Pizza Party and adults can taste wines and cheeses from all across the globe!

On July 1st at Jellystone Park™ Toronto, help Yogi Bear™ in wishing Canada a very Happy Birthday by joining in the Canada Day Celebrations! Whether its having a maple leaf painted on your face, or making your very own Canadian flag, be sure to sport outfits covered in red and white.

And on June 27-30 in Niagara Falls, Yogi Bear™ is having a huge birthday bash for Canada! Join your friends for a patriotic weekend celebrating everything Canadian. There will be cake, candles and a dance on Saturday evening. Bring all your favourite Canadian gear for the parade to win a prize for the most patriotic Canadian.

Happy Birthday Canada!


Texas Park: Say Hi to Wichita Falls

Yogi Bear™ and the Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resorts family continues to grow and offer our guests more options than ever for the perfect family getaway. Only the best campgrounds earn the Jellystone Park™ name, and we are so proud to welcome our latest addition: the former Coyote Ranch Resort in Wichita Falls, Texas, an easy drive from the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Our sixth park in the Lone Star State, the Wichita Falls Jellystone Park™ offers true Texas country on the edge of city convenience.


With 123 beautiful RV sites, plus 25 cabins and cottages to choose from, the new 90-acre Wichita Falls park is a perfect choice for a family visit or a big get-together. The onsite Lodge and its two outdoor pavilions are great sites for business meetings, weddings, family reunions, church or Scout retreats, receptions, parties and more. The park’s breathtaking 200-seat Wedding Chapel offers a beautiful site for one of the most important days of a couple’s life together: the soaring 30-foot tall arched ceilings and impressive wall of windows make an amazing backdrop for the perfect celebration. The park can even keep everyone fed through The Orchard catering service.


And when it’s time for the real fun to start, you won’t be disappointed. With two sparkling swimming pools, a jumping pillow, a big cedar playground, 18-hole miniature golf course, a volleyball court and a stocked fishing tank, everyone will find something they love to get into. Don’t feel like cooking for your brood? Hunts’ Brothers Pizza and the park’s new Picnic Basket restaurant have you covered. An exciting brand-new splash park is set to open this summer, and of course Jellystone Park’s beloved daily activities and themed weekends are all part of the package.


The new Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort at Wichita Falls is located at 14145 US 287, Wichita Falls, TX. The campground is open year-round; for reservations, call 940-767-6700 or visit We look forward to meeting you there!

Zip Line Adds High-Speed Thrills to Maryland Jellystone Park™

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort in Hagerstown, MD is excited to be the first Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ to offer the Extreme Engineering Fly Wire Zip Line.

The Fly Wire Zip Line will become a part of the variety of amazing amenities that Jellystone Park™ Maryland already has to offer, including a 3,200 square foot Water Zone featuring a heated interactive pool, beach entry, eight foot raindrop and built-in seating for adults with hydro-therapy jets.  In addition, campground guests can enjoy LaZer Tag, Water Wars, Gaga ball, Jumping Pillow, Mini- golf, Pedal Carts, basketball, horseshoes, hiking trails, wagon rides, fishing, playgrounds, and of course, appearances from Yogi Bear™ and friends. With themed weekend planned activities from March to November and a variety of lodging options, there is something for all ages and all types of campers to enjoy.  For the novice, cabins and cottages that sleep anywhere from 4 to 8 people are available to rent.  For the experienced, the park has Standard, Preferred or Premium RV sites.  For those looking to get back to nature, primitive tent sites offer a more rustic experience.

But for thrill-seekers, the addition of the award winning Fly Wire Zip Line will provide the ultimate rush of zip-lining across the sky 220 feet – roughly two thirds the length of a football field. With speeds reaching up to 21 MPH, the Fly Wire is the only zip line of its kind using the safest decelerator on the market, the Decelinator, which is a proprietary device that fully lowers zip-liners safely to the ground so riders can soar through the air with confidence. Offering unparalleled “quick cycle times”  to serve up to 90 riders an hour, there is no other zip line product in the world that can compete with the Fly Wire’s completely controlled method of keeping zip-liners safely off the ground.

The Hagerstown Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort is located at 16519 Lappans Road in Williamsport, MD. For more information or reservations, call 800-421-7116 or visit