What Are Some Of The Most Daring Places To Camp?

What Are Some Of The Most Daring Places To Camp?

Americans are taking tent camping to new and exciting levels. While a standard family camping experience — or spending a few nights at family campgrounds — can be a great vacation and relaxing reprieve, there are plenty of options for Americans who are looking for a thrilling adventure, instead. What are some of the most daring places to pitch your tent?

What Is Cliff Camping?

Some climbers literally spend nights hanging from cliffs. “For years climbers have been using portaledges, a contraption made with an aluminum frame that is held up on the side of a cliff using pegs and carabineers,” The Weather Channel writes. A regular climber and camper describes the portaledges as comfortable, and explains that you often cannot see the cliff — or the drop — when you are trying to sleep.

Are Americans Really Camping At The Bottom Of The Sea?

Some campers prefer an almost luxurious experience at campgrounds with long lists of amenities. The odd camper, however, may also choose to purchase one-of-a-kind, underwater tents. Some campers in Guam made history by using weights to anchor a tent at the bottom of the sea. The men reportedly needed to cut long slits in their tent to prevent it from floating up to the surface.

Get Up Close and Personal With Rainforests

If you are really looking for a daring and dangerous experience, the rainforest is the place to do it. “Camping in the rainforest comes with its own unique set of challenges, including a wet, hot climate, hordes of insects, and the threat of diseases like malaria,” The Weather Channel continues. For campers who are sold on the idea, some stores even sell anti-malaria pills for that exact purpose.

More Americans are camping every year. In fact from 2010 to 2012, the number of American campers increased by 3 million — and some of those campers are redefining traditional tent camping by spending the night hanging from a cliff or even in the depths of the rainforest.


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