December 20, 2016 Winter Camping

4 Great Reasons to Set Up Camp in Texas This Winter

If you're a fan of family camping trips, you might think you'll have to wait until next year to head back to your favorite camp resorts. In reality, you can enjoy this favorite family pastime year-round when you visit our campgrounds in Texas. Whether you love to spend time in a cabin or have your own RV, you can take your next family vacation within the next few months at...

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February 4, 2015 Winter Camping

Human Icicle Challenge Takes Winter Camping to the Extreme for a Good Cause

It's not exactly the ideal family camping trip, but one group of brave souls will be taking last summer's "ice bucket challenge" idea to a new extreme, with the same focus on raising awareness for a good cause. According to a January 19 article, four men from Manitowoc, WI will be going tent camping for 24 hours at the camp sites at Point Beach State Forest to raise money...

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Tips for Making the Perfect Pumpkin Pie

The pumpkin pie is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dessert tables across the United States. For many families, Thanksgiving (and occasionally Christmas) are the only times this tasty dish is served - and everyone wants to learn how to make Grandma's family recipe taste just like hers, so they can pass the pumpkin pie tradition on to their own children and grandchildren. How did the pumpkin pie because synonymous with our...

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