Pamper Your Camper - Innovations that Rock RV Camping!

Serious RV campers know what it takes to experience an enjoyable and fulfilling camping trip. These RV owners usually have customized features on their RV which allow them to camp in extra luxury and style.

If your RV is going to be your rolling home away from home, why not give it some upgrades?

Let’s start with the inside…

Add Internet Access to Your RV

Although camping creates a perfect way to disconnect from the day-to-day, some families just can’t live without the internet (especially if you have teenagers!) Thankfully, it can be easy to take the web with you while traveling to your family camping spot. Have you ever considered getting instant Wi-Fi by buying a mobile router for your RV? You need two pieces of equipment; a mobile router and a data card. Cell phone companies are selling these products in bundles or additions to your current plan and in most cases you can get the equipment for free or at a discounted price with an upgrade.

The mobile router plugs into an electrical outlet in your RV and with the data card plugged in, it will work through the signal of cell phone towers to bring your RV (even while driving) streaming Internet access. Check emails, watch videos or just surf the Web any time you need during your trip.

Many Jellystone Park campgrounds also provide Wi-Fi service so you can stay connected.

Turn Your RV into a Rolling Theater

Another fun addition that many folks are adding to their camping RV’s are TV upgrades. The thin size and quality of HDTV’s makes it easy for TV’s to be installed in your RV without interfering with your family’s living area. This can be a very fun upgrade for family camping when you’re taking the ride to a Jellystone Park or especially if the weather turns foul and you are forced to stay indoors. You and you’re family will be able to turn on a fun movie as the night dwindles and the summer air flows in from the open windows which can add a nice twist to your traditional family camping trip.

Exterior RV Upgrades

How about the outside of your RV? Have you considered what kinds of upgrades you can make to your RV’s exterior once you have arrived at the campsite?

Many RV’s come standard with certain outside features like a pop out awning that can extend and create shade from the side of your camper. How about adding a fly net around the awning? Bug spray and candles can only do so much, but having a fly net around the awning can keep out bugs and campsite critters letting you relax in peace.

Another popular addition is an exterior RV shower. Installing these are easy since they run directly off the water supply from your RV. Perfect for cleaning off after a long day of hiking, fishing or just taking off the first layer of mud before you enter the RV.

How about hooking up some exterior light fixtures and speakers? Bring the party outside at any time with good lighting and some music to heighten the atmosphere. Just be sure to observe the campground’s posted quiet hours and noise level specifications.

Enhancing the features of your RV is an excellent way for you to encourage your family to enjoy going on vacations. It may not always be easy to leave the bustling city and get away, but upgrading your RV and visiting a Jellystone Park can make that transition much easier.

The RV Camping experience is within arms reach- grab it!