Green Camping Ideas from Yogi Bear®

Going green isn’t just today’s latest catch phrase; it goes much deeper than that. It is a lifestyle that encompasses an awareness of one’s impact on their surroundings coupled with a conscious effort to improve the well being of our natural resources.

As your family prepares to take a summer camping trip to any of the dozens of Jellystone Parks in the U.S. and Canada , we would encourage you to start thinking “Green.” From the time you leave your house to the moment you return home, you will be presented with many opportunities to help out the environment and preserve the natural beauty of your favorite Jellystone Campground.

Reduce Emissions & Fossil Fuel Consumption

Here at Jellystone Parks, we have worked hard to encourage franchises to open up all over the country. . We have over 70 parks in more than 30 states and provinces which means that you will never have to drive far to enjoy a family camping experience with Yogi Bear. Whether you travel to see us in your family RV or sedan, reducing the length of your trip will not only help cut down on emissions and fuel consumption, but will allow you and your family to spend more time camping and less time driving.

Utilize Renewable Resources

Although nearly every RV camping space found at our Jellystone Parks comes with full electric hookups, you can do your part to conserve energy by utilizing solar friendly items on your RV. Often times, this can be as simple as installing solar panels on the roof of your recreational vehicle, allowing you to “charge the batteries” for more than 12 hours a day in the summertime. When it comes time to gather around the TV for family movie night, you can rely on the energy you have been receiving from the sun all day long to power your entertainment experience.

Reduce Water Consumption

One of the biggest factors in the size of your water bill is the water that is used when you shower or brush your teeth. A simple way to reduce the amount of water that your family uses, not only while camping, but at home too, is to be conscious of how much time you spend in the shower. Furthermore, leaving the faucet running while you brush your teeth is not only unnecessary, but wasteful as well. It is possible to reduce your water bill by a significant amount, simply by setting a timer for your showers. Even if you stay in a couple of minutes after the timer has gone off, you will have been made aware of the amount of time you have spent standing under the running water.

The practices and ideas listed above are not only great for family camping trips, but for everyday home life as well. Get your family thinking green this summer and encourage behaviors that promote conservation.