Gem Mining

It is said that at one time or another, every kid in America will have a rock collection of some sort. Now Gem Mining can be a fun activity on your family vacation.

How it works…A gem mining sluice is a trough where water circulates over and over again by means of a pump. The kids purchase a bag of mining rough enriched with gems and fossils. They take their bag to the sluice and sift through it. The water washes the sand away and what is left is all the pretty gems and fossils that they get to keep. Each “panner” also receives an identification brochure so they can take it home and identify their new gems.

This activity combines young people’s sense of adventure and discovery with their continuing thirst for knowledge. Kids love identifying what they find. The best part is they keep everything they reveal. Every bag is different so it will be an activity they’ll want to repeat.