5th Wheel Truck Rental & Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental

Camping is a cherished tradition for many families. Spending a weekend in the woods away from the hubbub of everyday life is not just relaxing; it’s necessary for recharging your batteries. And what’s better than camping? Camping in an RV! You have all the comforts of home within an arm’s reach – perhaps even a little more than what you really need for camping. However you look at it, RVing is a convenient and affordable way to get out of the city and spend a few nights under the stars.


It’s no wonder, then, that roughly 9 million families own RVs in the United States. The thing is, many of those families aren’t able to use their RVs for the majority of the year, so they rent them out, which means that you get to take advantage of their low rental rates. Motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-up campers – there’s an RV for every type of family on every type of budget. However, fifth wheels and travel trailers require appropriate tow vehicles to pull them – so where can you find a fifth wheel towing equipment rental?

Fifth Wheel Truck Rental Prices – Are Fifth Wheels Worth It?

To many, towing a fifth wheel might seem like a hassle. On top of that, fifth wheel rentals can sometimes be expensive. Though, if you rent from a site like RVshare, you can find fifth wheels for as little as $90 per day. It might sound like it’s a lot of work to tow a fifth wheel, but it’s worth it. In fact, many families would choose a fifth wheel over any other RV, any day. Here’s why:


  • Fifth wheels come in a wide variety of sizes and floor plans. They can be anywhere from a compact 22 feet to a spacious 45 feet in length! Inside, fifth wheels are much roomier than other RVs because there’s no need for a driving cab. You get more bang for your buck, even in the smallest fifth wheels.


  • Fifth wheels have a unique setup that’s not found in any other RV. The section of the RV that sits over the bed of your truck serves as a “second-floor” bedroom. Usually, this is the master bedroom, while the kids get their own room at the other end of the RV. It’s a great layout for families who like having a little bit of privacy.


  • They’re the most luxurious type of towable. Fifth wheels are beautifully appointed with plenty of high-end amenities. In fact, some fifth wheels are better equipped than million-dollar homes! Full-size appliances, solid countertops, and full-sized showers are all standard on most fifth wheels. Many have luxury leather lounges, fireplaces, and premium entertainment systems as well. And don’t be surprised to find washer/dryers, dishwashers, and outdoor kitchens on many models, too.


  • They’re the easiest to tow. While towing anything is never easy, per se, towing a fifth wheel is far less stressful than towing a regular trailer. This is because they use a special hitch, called a gooseneck hitch, that attaches to the bed of your truck. Since the fifth wheel hooks over the axle, and not behind your truck, it has more stability and a better turning radius. All you need to do is find an adequate truck rental with 5th wheel hitch.

How to Tow a Fifth Wheel with a Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental

Choosing the right tow vehicle is important, especially if you’re going to rent a fifth wheel truck. Fifth wheels can be as heavy as 10,000 lbs., so it’s critical to know the towing capacity of your truck. While some smaller and lighter fifth wheels can be towed by mid-sized trucks, you’ll likely want to look for a large, super-duty truck just to be safe. You’ll need to know the following numbers for both the truck and the trailer:


  • The GTW, or Gross Trailer Weight, of the fifth wheel when it’s fully stocked, packed, and its tanks are full. If you’re renting a fifth wheel from a site like RVshare, you can ask the RV owner for this number.


  • The GVWR, or the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The GVWR tells you how much weight your truck can carry when fully loaded with passengers and cargo. Obviously, you don’t want the actual weight of the loaded truck to exceed the weight rating.


  • The GCW, or the Gross Combination Weight, is the total weight of your fully loaded truck and the fully loaded trailer. This number should never exceed the GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating) for your truck.


  • You’ll also need to know how much weight your fifth wheel hitch for rent can handle. Look for the Gross Hitch Weight Rating (GHWR) to find the heaviest fifth wheel the hitch can accommodate.


  • Lastly, it’s important to look at the Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) as well, as this tells you the maximum amount of weight each axle of your truck can handle.

For more information, 
here’s an in-depth look at tow ratings and how all these numbers work together.

5th Wheel Truck Rental and Fifth Wheel Hitch Rental Prices

If you’re hoping to find rental trucks with fifth wheel hitch, you’re in luck! There are truck rental companies throughout the United States, many of which include gooseneck hitch rentals. Make sure you look for trucks that are rated for at least ¾ of a ton, though a one-ton truck might make you feel a bit safer. Moving companies and local truck rental companies are great places to start your search. Rental prices will vary widely depending on the type of truck you rent, in addition to how long you’ll be renting it. On average, plan to spend around $100 per day for the truck and hitch rental.

Closing Thoughts

Renting a fifth wheel truck isn’t impossible, but it does involve some careful research. Towing a fifth wheel can be tricky, and you want to be absolutely sure your rental truck can handle the RV before you set off on your adventure. With the right amount of research and planning, you’ll enjoy a smooth, safe road trip. Plus, you’ll get to camp in one of the most spacious and luxurious RVs on the market! Chances are, you’ll find that you never want to camp any other way. Happy trails!