March 11, 2014 Midwest Region News

Want to Go Camping in Ohio? Try Mt. Gilead!

Camping; whether cabin camping in Ohio, RVing or camping in a tent is one of America’s favorite pastimes. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, around 50 million Americans go camping each and every year. Camping, after all is one of the most wonderful ways to connect with our nations woodlands, streams, and other natural wonders.

Mt. Gilead State Park: Paradise for Camping in Ohio
For more and more Americans, camping in Ohio’s Mt. Gilead State Park is becoming extremely popular. The parks 181 acres according to Ohio State Parks, was given to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Parks and Recreation Department in 1949. From that time on, Mt. Gilead’s beech forests, vast expanses of different wildflowers, and Whetstone Creek have been protected and maintained for all Americans to enjoy.

Here are some of the activities that you and your family can enjoy while camping nearby Ohio’s Mt Gilead park:

    • Fishing
      Mt. Gilead, according to, is home to two lakes, along with Whetstone Creek. Bluegills, bass, and others make their homes in these waters, making Mt. Gilead a perfect fishing destination for the whole family to enjoy.
    • Hiking
      Altogether, Mt. Gilead State Park has more than four miles of trails coursing throughout its woodlands. These trails, which are safe for families, take visitors through forests, open groves with beautiful, multicolored wildflowers, and the habitats of many Ohio’s wildlife species. You will enjoy exploring the area rich in nature’s beauty.

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