June 12, 2015 Blog

The Latest Viral Rap Battle Pits Camper Against Glamper

It’s a question many of us have undoubtedly thought about for hours on end. In a rap battle between a traditional tent camping enthusiast and a more modern “glamper,” who would come out victorious?

That very question is answered in a new YouTube video, aptly titled “Rap Battle: Camper vs. Glamper.”

According to the Inquisitr, the video begins with the humble camper sitting alone in the woods, peacefully watching the birds as they fly by. Soon, however, a group of unruly glampers arrives with unhappy children in tow, disturbing the peace and flaring tensions.

The glamper invites the camper to dinner, since he is so obviously unprepared; the camper retorts that the glamper is overprepared. Before long, camper and glamper stand toe-to-toe, eye-to-eye, each convinced that his way of going camping is superior to the other’s.

“Call me king of the woods, lord of the lake,” the camper begins to rap — and the rest is history. Each camper boasts about how superior his preferred method of camping is over the other’s.

In recent years, with camping on the rise, the art of glamping, or glamorous camping, has become much more popular. Of the 42.5 million people who go camping each year, a significant portion choose to go glamping by staying at luxury camping resorts.

Statistically speaking, at least, tent camping is still the most popular choice among the millions of people who flock to the nation’s campgrounds each year, with 86% of campers regularly camping in tents. Meanwhile, 33% of campers go camping in cabins, 24% choose to go camping in an RV and a mere 2% go camping in a yurt — one of the most popular glamping choices.

With Americans spending an amazing 516.6 million days camping in 2013 alone, it’s clear there are plenty of camping and glamping opportunities available for all of us.

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