RV Vacations: Drive Across the Country in Style

RV Vacations: Drive Across the Country in Style

Vacation is about exploring somewhere new and escaping the rigors of everyday life, and what better way to explore than in a camper or motor home. The comforts of home and the open road combine to create the ultimate RV vacation experience. Road warriors take advantage of good food, ultimate freedom and an inexpensive mode of transportation. Oftentimes after a trip filled with exotic terrain and fun activities, the road-trip jokes and conversations leave a lasting impression. RV traveling emphasizes comradery and leads to lifelong memories.

Before you hit the highway, school yourself on these time-tested road rules.

RV Vacation Rules:

Spring for Insurance: Whether your renting an RV or driving your own, vehicle insurance will cover your RV in the case of an accident on the road. Be careful inside, however, many road insurance providers don’t cover interior damage.

Inspect the RV: You can’t eliminate the risk of a breakdown, but checking the RV’s tire pressure and liquid levels will start your trip with the right foot forward. Fill up tires to their ideal pressure, which is listed on the tire wall, and check that oil and coolant levels are stable.

Plan for the Worst: Hopefully, you never need to use it, but a thorough medical kit is a necessity when traveling cross country. Basic items such bandages, ibuprofen and and gauze should be included as well as more involved items like an EpiPen and burn relief ointment.

Map Your Stops: Positioned near some of the most beautiful terrain in the U.S., campgrounds offer a great opportunity to meet like-minded travelers. The wind may blow you in a unique direction, but planned stops will help you make the most of your trip. GocampingAmerica.com lists information on RV parks across the U.S.

Don’t Pack Too Much: Only pack enough clothes and food for a few days. You can do laundry at campgrounds and buy food in towns you visit. A camper may feel like home, but that doesn’t mean you have to bring your entire wardrobe.

Don’t Overbuy: When you purchase souvenirs, take care not to overcrowd your motor home; you can ship large items home.

Limit Driving: Try not to drive more than 400 miles each day. Take the time to stop and enjoy sites. Too much driving dulls your senses and increases risk plus, vacation is about enjoying the ride, so why not take a look around?

Plan Meals: Plan your meals as best as you can. Most RVs come equipped with a limited kitchen, so it’s possible to stock a freezer with meat and produce. Take advantage of grilling at camp locations as much as possible to avoid lingering smells in the camper and to avoid clutter.

Look for Bargains: Search the Internet for inexpensive local campgrounds.

Travel Off-Season: Plan your trip during less popular vacation times for big savings and less-crowded attractions.

The time is now to start planning your cross-country road trip adventure. Take the time to map out your route and find fun and unusual attractions and sites to visit along the way as you explore Americas roads.

Post by Dee Paulson

A retired world history teacher, Dee travels the world and shares cultural and political viewpoints in her stories online. She visits Cairo and Italy every year.


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