Introduce your Kids to the Fun of a Camping Vacation

It’s never too early or too late to introduce your kids to the joys of family camping. With Jellystone Parks spread across the US and Canada, you’re never too far either! Each Jellystone Park™ campground is clean, well maintained and offers a choice of lodging options for your family. Tent camping is the perfect way to set your kids on the path to an active and adventure-loving lifestyle.

Once they have the hang of tent camping, you might want to consider RV camping or rental cabins. Our RV campgrounds come with all the features you need for a camping trip including electric and sewer hookups. Rental cabins are another way to enjoy the outdoors experience without giving up too many comforts you find at home. With even our rustic cabins offering cozy porches and clean, well ventilated interiors, you’re free to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about your lodging for the evening.

Encouraging an Interest in a Healthy lifestyle

Family camping trips are not only a great bonding experience with your kids, but also a perfect way to familiarize them with a healthy and active lifestyle. While hiking , swimming and fishing at our Jellystone Park campgrounds, your kids will have the chance to acquaint themselves with nature and best of all – stay active!

Tip: Encourage your kids to organize their own keepsake camping picture journal. They can use this to organize pictures, leaves, shells and other souveniers that they discover on your family camping trip.

*Amenities vary from park to park.

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