Indiana Family Camping – Natural Attractions

With all of the great locations to visit a Jellystone Park, at our Indiana campgrounds, you will be within reach of many attractions and Indiana family camping fun! The ride alone, across Indiana, is more than enough to captivate the imagination and set the tone of relaxation. As you drive through the grassy green plains, hills and woodlands of Indiana, you will certainly find interest in one or many of these awesome natural attractions.

Near the Jellystone Park family campgrounds in Knightstown, IN, you will find a mysterious family adventure at the Squire Boone Caverns. The caverns get their name from a famous explorer, hunter, minister and statesman named Squire Boon. It was Boone and his brother Daniel who discovered the caverns in 1790 when hiding from a group of hostile Indians. He later settled with his family by those caves and declared them as holy ground because of his run-in with the natives.

Today, the caverns are available to explore through guided tours on lit walkways. Visitors can view the waterfalls and gallant cave formations from Memorial Day through mid August and weekends through Labor Day. Along with the caverns, feel free to check out the Grist Mill, Rock Shop and Village. Plan your trip to one of our Indiana family RV parks which is just a short detour just off the I-64.

Adding to the mystery and wonder of your trip to one of our family campgrounds in Indiana , check out the Marengo caves near Jellystone Parks at Lake Monroe and Scottsburg. The Marengo Cave has been open since 1883 and has interactive experiences available with walking tours, cave exploration tips, gemstone mining, a cave simulator and nearby canoeing adventures. In this cave you will see millions of years worth of natural growth, creating soda straws, stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, draperies, helictites, cave popcorn and rimstone dams. Open to the public all year round, this cave should certainly be a part of your Indiana family camping adventures.

Lets not forget the one of a kind experience available to the northern family RV camping locations at Portage , Plymouth , Pierceton , and Fremont. The tip of Lake Michigan provides one of the most unique landscapes with dune sands leading up to the shorefront waters of the great lakes. Scattered all across the shores of Lake Michigan you will find national monuments of sandy beaches that are available for swimming, boating, relaxing and more. Take a cruise with your family in your RV down the West Dunes Highway and visit some of the amazing cities and spots like Long Beach, Michigan City, Gary, Burns Harbor and more.

If you are coming down from Michigan to one of our Indiana family campgrounds , you will find the pristine and always beautiful Lakeside Park and Rose Garden in Fort Wayne Indiana. This park could easily provide hours if not days of peaceful and playful strolling through the parks. Filled with opportunities for anything from ice skating, to enjoying the wildlife at the zoo and so much more, this park has taken the natural highlights of the landscape and created a well groomed establishment for all to enjoy.

So enjoy Indiana and its many family camping and natural attractions. We hope that you remember and enjoy these trips with your family for years to come!

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