October 9, 2017 Campgrounds, Camping Tips

Prepare For Your Family Camping Trip With These 3 Tips

Millions of Americans go camping every year, making it one of the most popular activities that families can engage in. Most camping (around 70%) is done in public campgrounds, with many families choosing to return after experiencing the adventures family campgrounds can offer.

Remember, family camping trips are only as good as you plan them to be. So plan ahead and enjoy all of the amenities that come with staying at a Jellystone Park™.  Typical campgrounds are often the same unless you change the time of year you go and experience different events, unless you stay at one of our campgrounds! Everyday can be a new experience when you stay at our family of campgrounds, so plan ahead, and make your reservations early. Below are some easy tips to help make your camping trip even better.

Prepare The Ice Chest

To get the most out of your family vacation, you should start with the ice chest or cooler. You should pre-cool it with ice at least six hours before you start loading it with food and drinks. Also, load it with fresh, block ice. This lasts longer than cubed ice, and you should only load it with refrigerated and or frozen foods. Don’t waste your ice on warm drinks and warm foods.

Maintain Your Sleeping Bags

Something as simple as unzipping your sleeping bags during the day can help immensely. Doing this will allow them to air out and dry. Why is this important? Unfortunately, sleeping bags absorb moisture from your body during the night, and that can reduce the efficiency of the insulation inside the bag. Make sure you air them out frequently for the best results.

Proper Gear Storage

Plastic storage bins are your friend both when you go camping and when you store your camping gear at home. An empty storage bin next to the tent is also a great place to keep your shoes at night, instead of leaving them outside exposed, or bringing them into the tent. Remember, even if there is not a cloud in the sky, everything outside the tent is likely to be covered in dew in the morning.

Making family camping trips special is one of the most important things that a parent can do. Consider these tips when you start planning your next vacation, then call a Jellystone Park near you and book your reservations today!