October 9, 2017 Camping Tips

Not An Outdoorsy Person? You Can Still enjoy Camping

As someone who enjoys the great indoors more than anything, a camping trip may be last on your list of favorite activities. So, if your family is insisting on an outdoor vacation, you may be dreading the experience. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the entire trip more bearable.

Choose comfy accommodations

Think cabins, not tents. Campgrounds with cabins and RV campgrounds are certainly the best options for those with an aversion to “roughing it.” A recent survey found that 63% of adults stayed within 150 miles of home during their camping trips, but you can pick a distance that makes you comfortable. By staying in these locations, you can ensure your comfort and even have activities to do during the day. These locations could be a win-win for everyone involved.

Have the right technology

Just because you are going camping does not mean that you have to leave your cell phone at home. If checking the radar makes you feel more comfortable, be sure to bring it along. But of course, you should also embrace the calm of unplugging. try bringing some books along as well.

Bring warm clothing during cool weather

When you are feeling warm and cozy, your entire mood will be better. This is why packing for the weather is essential. Bring layers and rain gear so you can be prepared no matter what mother nature has in store for you.

Find humor in the experience

Remember that not every aspect of your trip can be planned. If you get caught in the rain or can’t seem to start a campfire, try to laugh it off. These will ultimately make good stories, so try to embrace the experience.

Choose some of the camping activities

While your family might be dragging you on hikes and exploring nature in general, remember that you can also plan some activities. You might prefer to relax by the pool or play cards. And that’s okay. Speak up and suggest your ideas as well. Your family will likely be more receptive than you think.

By taking risks while you also preserve your comforts, you might surprise yourself with how much you actually enjoy camping. While staying at campgrounds with cabins or RVs, most guests can find a happy medium. Keep an open mind and embrace the unknown, and the new experience and have some fun!