April 1, 2016 Campgrounds

If You've Never Vacationed at Campgrounds in Texas, You Don't Know What You're Missing

They say that “everything is bigger in Texas,” and vacations are no exception. There are tons of fantastic family camping vacation destinations all over the country, but none of them combine the eclectic mix of fun and relaxation quite like The Lone Star State.If your family has never vacationed at campgrounds in Texas, you truly don’t know what you’ve been missing. From touring the Texas Wine Country to playing horseshoes at Canyon Lake, there is no limit to the ways your family can have the experience of a lifetime at campgrounds in Texas.

Perhaps the best part about campgrounds in Texas is that there is something for everybody. Parents can relax with a glass of the best wine in the country while kids play around in a fun-filled Splash Park. No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation, you can find it in Texas. Here are three of the best campgrounds in Texas to consider for your next vacation:

    • The Texas Wine Country. There is nothing that can quite compare to camping with your family, but if you’re headed to the Texas Wine Country, you should also bring some friends along. Campers include friends on their trips 70% of the time, and the Texas Wine Country is ideal for those busy professionals who need a weekend to unwind with their pals. Plus, while you’re enjoying delicious wines with your friends, the kids can stay entertained in the campground pool or clubhouse.
    • Guadalupe River. Drinking wine is great, but you should also try to get the full outdoor experience during your camping vacation. About 87% of campers participate in multiple outdoor activities, and the Guadalupe River campground is the perfect place to spread your wings in the great outdoors. It features some of the best fishing spots in the country, and beautiful deer are always grazing in plain sight for a photo op.
    • Canyon Lake. Most camping (about 70%) is done in public campgrounds, and the best campgrounds are full of exciting amenities. If luxury and amenities are more your speed, you will absolutely love Canyon Lake. Located right outside of San Antonio, this campground features a sand volleyball court, half-court basketball, horseshoe pits, a playground, arcade games, karaoke, and so much more. You can rent a cabin, bring your RV, or rough it in a tent depending on what you prefer.

You’re strongly encouraged to take family camping vacations no matter where you live, but there really is no place that can compare to Texas. Check out any of these amazing campgrounds in Texas and see why everything is bigger in The Lone Star State!