How to Plan a North Carolina Camping Trip the Whole Family Will Love

How to Plan a North Carolina Camping Trip the Whole Family Will Love

Camping is one of the most popular family vacations in America — in 2010, more than 40 million people went camping in the United States, for a total of 515 million camping trips. Since it allows families to reconnect without too many distractions, is away from home, and allows people to get back to nature, camping has become a quintessential family vacation. Camping in North Carolina is pretty popular since the natural landscape is varied and the weather is pleasant, but it still takes a bit of planning to make sure that the trip will go off without a hitch. Here are a few tips for planning a camping vacation the whole family is going to love.

1. Find comfortable accommodations.
There are a number of different accommodations for campers. The most popular is staying in a tent — 86% of respondents in a survey reported using one when they go camping. The second most popular is cabins, which 33% of people reported they do. Finding North Carolina cabin rentals might help your family feel a little more comfortable, especially if you have kids along. Having a secure and sturdy structure at all times is going to make things a little easier.

2. Prepare for a variety of activities.
One of the reasons North Carolina camping is so popular is that the natural landscape offers a lot of different activities for you and the family, so it’s important to pack well and prepare for any of them. Ninety-two percent of people say they hike when they go camping, which makes it the most popular camping activity by far. Pack bug spray and a small first aid kit to help handle any trips and falls. Depending on your campsite, you should also prepare for water activities like swimming by packing suits, sunblock, and life vests.

3. Stay as long as you can.
One of the worst things about any vacation is the end of it, but making sure that your trip was long enough can help. Tent campers have the shortest average camping trips at two days, while RV campers have the longest average trips at five days. Planning carefully and well-ahead of time are both important for planning the longest trip possible for you and your family.

Do you have any other tips for planning a North Carolina camping trip for the whole family? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.


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