How Can Cabin Rentals Make Your Next Family Camping Trip Great?

How Can Cabin Rentals Make Your Next Family Camping Trip Great?

Tent camping at area campgrounds may be preferred by 86% of campers, but for some people, camping in tents can get a little old. Tents might be ideal for backpackers in the middle of nowhere, but for those looking for family camping adventures, they can be difficult to set up and sleep in when little ones are in tow. Tent camping also offers few amenities. Those who are fans of “roughing it” might love it, but those who want to enjoy nature without braving the elements may find themselves dismayed by the lack of creature comforts found out in the wilderness.

Choosing from cabin rentals at a favorite camp resort, however, can be a better option for those who need to keep themselves and their children happy. Cabin rentals are the preferred camping accommodations for one-third of all campers, beating out camping at a drive-up campsite (26%), in an RV (24%) or in a yurt (2%). Here are three things that families are sure to love about renting a cabin at your favorite camping resorts:


    1. Cabins give you access to vital utilities: Most campers get by with a few lanterns and a campfire once the sun goes down, but that’s not always convenient for family activities. Today’s cabins are more than bare-bones structures. They often come equipped with electricity, heating, water, and more, so you can have all the comforts of home away from home. Having those amenities might also help you get to enjoy your camping trip longer. A typical tent camping trip only lasts for about one or two days for 70% of those campers; the more comfortable you and your family are, the more you’ll want to stay on your camping trip.


    1. Renting a cabin is easy when staying in a family-friendly resort: Some campers prefer to stay in more basic cabins in the middle of nowhere, and they usually have to purchase and maintain these properties themselves. Those who want more short-term accommodations without the hassle can rent a cabin instead at their favorite campgrounds. Families can also choose to stay at resorts that offer plenty of family-friendly activities, including anything from hiking and swimming to fun at a water park. With 87% of campers participating in more than one activity while camping, these resorts offer plenty of fun for campers of all ages.


  1. Luxury cabins make camping trips special: Are you more of a fan of “glamping,” or glamorous camping? If your idea of communing with nature means having a WiFi hotspot or a gourmet kitchen, then it may be time to take your camping rentals to the next level. These cabins also come with enough space for the whole family, so everyone can spread out in his or her own bedroom.

Don’t let your family camping trip be more difficult than it should be. Choose cabin rentals at your favorite campground locations to make your vacation comfortable and one of a kind.


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