Geocache at North Carolina Campground

The challenge is on! See if you can find the 5 caches hidden somewhere along the nature trails that weave throughout the 64-acre Jellystone Park™ Campground in Marion , North Carolina. The trails, which feature river stop-offs and mountain views, will take you along Boo Boo™ River and through lush natural habitats of Yogi Bear’s Outback. Most of the trails are moderate, however Ranger’s Revenge is a steep grade, surely to test the endurance of our campers. Each cache is stocked with different trinkets, compasses and Yogi related gear. Trail seekers are guided by a Geomate Jr. that we rent @ the front desk for $5.

In addition to everyday accessibility, one of the unique elements we feature is the quest for Yogi Bear’s Treasure, this is a scheduled activity that will allow families to work together to seek out clues in each cache to find the Treasure. Each Cache will have a clue as to which cache they need to find next, almost like a micro “Amazing Race” in our own backyard. At the end of the quest, Yogi Bear will appear from the woods and congratulate the victors with gold “Yogi Bear Medallions”

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