From Splashparks to the Amish Country, Here are Just a Few Unique Perks of Ohio Campgrounds

From Splashparks to the Amish Country, Here are Just a Few Unique Perks of Ohio Campgrounds

Camping is one of the most fun things you could ever do with your family, and millions of people embark on exciting adventures every single year. In 2010 alone, about 40 million people went camping for a total of 515 million outings, making it one of the most popular vacation options in the country.

If you’re planning a camping trip, you may be wondering where to find the best camping amenities and other unique perks. Ohio campgrounds are truly some of the most amazing destinations in the entire country, blending tons of excitement with the serenity that you would expect when enjoying the great outdoors.

From splashparks to the Amish Country and everything in between, there is nothing that Ohio campgrounds don’t offer. Here’s are just three of the most unique and entertaining perks of Ohio campgrounds that your family needs to check out:


    • Splashparks. Family camping trips are supposed to help you bond with your loved ones, but it’s always important to throw in a bit of excitement during your vacation as well. Most camping (about 70%) is done in public campgrounds, and your family will be convinced to make this a yearly event after they experience Ohio campgrounds. For example, the Columbus North campground has an incredible splashpark with water slides that both the kids and adults will love.


    • Playgrounds, games, and more. Campgrounds in OH are really something special, and in fact, they’re more like camp resorts. For instance, the Akron/Canton Jellystone park is truly something to behold. There is a massive pool, a staggering 144-ft. water slide, a 100-ft. playground slide, and an 18-hole mini golf course. If your family prefers a bit of fun in the sun mixed with some friendly competition, you will be thrilled with Akron/Canton.


    • The Amish Country About 13% of adult participants camped because they wanted to spend more time with their families, and there’s no better place to do just that than in the Amish Country. While Ohio campgrounds are known for the excitement they offer, it’s also the perfect place to relax with your loved ones. The Amish Country in Holmes County is full of beautiful hills, rolling farmlands, and colorful parks to enjoy Mother Nature.


Every family has a different set of expectations for a vacation, but Ohio is truly one of the only places that can fulfill the wants and needs of every family members. Check out Ohio campgrounds for your next vacation and have an experience you’ll never forget.


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