August 23, 2017 Camping Tips, Fall Camping

Early Fall Camping Trips Can Be Great Fun If You Follow These Tips

If you, like nearly 40 million other people who went camping in 2010, are ready for fall camping season to begin, you should get ready for early fall camping trips. Early fall camping trips are some of the best ones, to be sure. The weather is cooling off, but not quite chilly enough to prevent outside activity, which leaves your trip open to a world of possibilities.

And no matter where you go camping, at a campground or just a family camping trip with a tent somewhere, you’re bound to have a good time if you follow these fall camping tips.

1. Stay Occupied

While enjoying a family vacation, one of the most important things you can do is to stay occupied. You might have come out there for relaxation, but you don’t want to be bored while there are so many things you could be doing. Hiking, charades, and rock climbing are jut a few of the ways you can enjoy the last few days of warmth.

2. Eat Hearty And Enjoy

Don’t spend your camping or vacationing days eating light and planning calories! You can enjoy all sorts of camping foods like s’mores, brats, and burgers. Break out the grill or the fire, and enjoy some camping food in the middle of the night or day, or whenever you feel like eating. You can replenish your energy and get back all those nutrients you spent being active and enjoying the sunlight.

3. Campfire Fun

One of the best things about the campfire during fall or early fall is the warmth it provides on slowly cooling nights. You’ll have more reason than ever to sit around it with friends and family and build memories and bonds. Not only that, but you’ll be keeping warm and toasty too. This is a perfect opportunity to break out the card games or trade stories. You can even craft some tall tales to scare your friends and family.

Caution: Layers And Tarps!

If there’s one thing you should know about fall camping, it’s that the weather could turn on you at any moment. Don’t let it catch you off-guard! If you didn’t check the weather radar, make sure you’ve got quilts and tools for extra warmth around. You should also bring tarps and other water proofing equipment to keep your tent or location as dry as possible. No one wants to spend their vacations cold, wet, and miserable.

These are just a few of the many things to keep in mind when you’re fall camping, and hopefully, you have a good time doing so. If you want camping tips or maybe help to find the best place for you to go on early fall camping trips, make sure you’re adequately prepared for both treats and tricks that may sneak up on you.