Colorado Parks and Wildlife Allows Campers to Fish for Free

Camping in Colorado is about to get a whole lot fishier.

This weekend, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be allowing residents and visitors alike to discover the joys of fishing during the state’s yearly free fishing weekend. Anglers of all ages will be able to fish without a license at any of the state’s camping sites, rivers and lakes, the Denver Post reports.

And Coloradans have plenty of places to drop their lures. The state boasts a wealth of waterways, with more than 2,500 lakes and reservoirs and another 10,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers. It’s no surprise that fishing is the fourth most-popular outdoor activity among Colorado residents, with Coloradans spending a combined 26.4 million days angling for a catch in 2012 alone.

What better way to incorporate the popularity of fishing with the popularity of camping? American families spent a cumulative 516.6 million days camping in 2013, 70% of which was done at public camping sites. When 87% of campers will perform more than one outdoor activity during their camping trips, camping offers the perfect opportunity to go on a fishing excursion with the family.

“Family and the community play an important role when it comes to outdoor experiences,” said CPW director Bob Broscheid. “Fishing is one of the many ways the whole family can enjoy the outdoors together.”

Not only will free fishing weekend allow Coloradans to strengthen their knowledge of sport fishing — it will also give many of them the chance to spend some much-needed bonding time with their families. This is especially a great opportunity to encourage kids to develop a love for the outdoors; in 2012, only 63% of children and teens regularly partook in an outdoor activity.

This weekend, free fishing weekend is the perfect thing for any Colorado family to enjoy.

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