The Case For Camping In The Winter

The Case For Camping In The Winter

Winter is coming (and it’s probably only a matter of weeks before people tire of advertisements and gimmicks using George R.R. Martin’s famous tagline). That does not necessarily mean that it is time to pack up your camping gear for the year and call it quits. Camping in the winter months can offer unique opportunities that you will be unable to replicate any other time of year. Here are just a few.

True Solitude

Family camping is a great retreat and break from the daily grind at any time of the year. Whether you choose cabin camping, RV camping, tent camping, or yurt camping, all kinds of camping teach children about nature and help them foster a greater respect for it, too. Camping in the winter months can provide an experience unlike any other. Americans and their families do not have to worry about other campers as much in winter. Campgrounds are quieter, more peaceful, and — because there are fewer people camping — rates are much cheaper in the winter months.

Enjoy The Outdoors, Without The Mosquitoes And Bugs

Even if you choose cabin camping, everyone knows that cooking over the campfire is a must. It can be a lot of fun for children, too, as long as a responsible adult is around to watch them! In the winter, you don’t have to worry about bugs. You don’t have to worry about bears. With bugs and animals as less of a concern (or even a completely obsolete concern), it may be the perfect time to camp with children.

You Might Learn Something New

Winter is the perfect time to work on new skills. Learn to snowshoe. Pick up cross country skiing. Even learn a thing or two about the stars, which you are likely to see — given the general lack of people and leafless trees.

Winter can be the best time for camping. Go on a one-of-a-kind retreat with the family. Enjoy the outdoors without the bugs, and seize the opportunity to pick up new, winter-specific activities.


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