October 16, 2014 Blog

Camp Year-Round With These Simple Tricks

Temperatures are dropping. The first frost is quickly approaching. Soon, it may not seem warm enough to camp at all. More Americans, however, are realizing that camping can be a great family vacation and/or a relaxing getaway year-round. What are the best ways to keep camping feasible and fun in the chilly fall months — and even during the winter, too?

Pack And Plan Accordingly

Seventy-four percent of campers try something they were initially afraid to do — and sometimes that can include fall or winter camping. Seasonal camping does not have to be a daunting prospect, however — especially if you are well-prepared. Pack snow boots, hats, gloves, and scarves along with head and feet warmers and some thick, wool blankets.

What Are The Best Fall-Themed Campfire Foods?

Sitting around the campfire at family campgrounds may seem even more inviting in the chilly fall or winter weather. Similarly, toasty campfire foods are just the thing to keep you warm on a cold, winter morning. Heat up some soup in a pot over the fire, create a stew-like, hobo meal (throw some vegetables and meat into some tin foil), or even indulge in one of Antarctic explorer Sebastian Copeland’s favorite treats, a cranberry and bacon grease spread. Copeland recommends eating it on a bagel with a slice of cheese, or even topping off cereal with the cranberry spread, for a flavorful treat high in healthy fats and rich in antioxidants.

Forget About Roughing It

The best thing about fall and winter camping, however, is that it can allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and take in the beauty of fall foliage or snow-capped pine trees without roughing it. Skip tent camping in favor of cozy cabins or even RV camping resorts. RV camping resorts give you the best of both worlds, inviting you to enjoy nature, a toasty campfire, and several luxury amenities, like a heated lodge, heated showers and bathrooms, indoor recreation, and sometimes even on-site laundry.

Are you packing up your tents and camping equipment? Not so fast! You can continue enjoying camping year-round, whether it’s in a tent with extra warm sleeping bags and several wool blankets or in a cozy RV camping resort.