Family Makes Wisconsin Campground a Vacation Tradition

October 8, 2009

The Jellystone Park family is excited to announce the August winner of our Campground Memories contest: Jennie B. of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Congratulations, Jennie, and thanks for sharing!

My family and I had our first Jellystone Park adventure in 2004 in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. We were so happy with the way we were treated by other guests and the ranger. The kids have an absolute blast participating in all of the fun and exciting activities that they offer. Their personal favorite is the Fourth of July weekend. They enjoy decorating their bikes and taking a cruise around the campground with Yogi. We have continually been going to Jellystone Park in Door County a few times per year. There are so many things that the campground offers and it’s great that everyone looks out for everyone else. We have the best time at Jellystone Park. It is a great place for families. We have brought many friends along with us to camp and they have also had a very positive experience. Jellystone Park in Sturgeon Bay is by far the best campground we have ever been to! Hands Down.

The Becker family’s favorite Jellystone Park is indeed a very special place. Located near museums, hiking and biking at Potawatomi State Park, winery tours, 18 golf courses, antique and gift shopping, and much more, Jellystone Park campground at Door County also offers its own unique brand of fun. The park offers two heated pools and a kiddie pool; three playgrounds; mini golf; soccer; funnelball; arts & crafts; a theater; a dance pavilion and even free ice storage for any fish you might catch.

Fond Childhood Memories Created with Yogi Bear

July 7, 2009

We’re excited to announce June’s winner of our 40th anniversary Camping Memories contest: Nicholas S. of Edgerton, WI. Nicholas’ parents began bringing him and his siblings to visit us in 1991, and haven’t stopped since.

My family has been camping at Jellystone Parks since 1991. Over the years, we have brought my grandparents and friends to Jellystone Park to camp with us and have even had a couple of family reunions at Jellystone Park. Many of our family’s favorite summertime memories have occurred at the many Yogi Bear Jellystone Parks that we have visited. The staff at every campground is always so helpful and goes out of their way to be sure that our family is having a great vacation. The parks are always so nicely landscaped and clean and there are always so many planned activities to take part in and amenities to enjoy. From swimming in the pool to mini golf and watching Yogi Bear cartoons in the amphitheater, our family has really enjoyed spending our vacation time at Jellystone Park. When our family takes a vacation, we always look for a Jellystone Park near our destination to stay at.

camping memories at Jellystone Park
Because of our stays at Jellystone, I have begun to collect Yogi Bear merchandise and I am a huge Yogi Bear fan. The first Jellystone Park collectible that I got was a Yogi Bear mug and a Yogi Bear plastic figurine on our first camping trip in 1991. My sister got the corresponding Cindy figurine. We would spend hours playing with these figurines and would pretend we were at Jellystone Park. These items are now a treasured part of my collection (I have included a picture of my sister and me on our first camping trip at Jellystone Park of Fort Atkinson , Wisconsin). I love searching for vintage toys at garage sales and flea markets and shopping the gift shop at each Jellystone Park we visit to find something new to add to my collection. My collection has certainly grown over the years.


I will always cherish the memories and fun times I have spent with my family at Jellystone Parks. I am eagerly looking forward to summer and spending more time with my family camping at Jellystone Park.

Thanks Nicholas! We love that you have grown up with us. If you’d like to enter our Camping Memories contest, just join our monthly e-newsletter.

30 Year Camping Tradition Continues at Wisconsin Campground

July 7, 2009

Helen B. of Ridgeway, IA, and her family have been camping at the Jellystone Park campground in Warrens, WI , for more than 30 years. The tradition started with her own young sons and has carried on to include their wives and children. Here’s Helen’s account of why they’ve been Yogi Bear’s guests since 1975.

We have been camping at Jellystone Park in Warrens WI since 1975, when we saw the TV commercial. By 1976 we had a pop up. We could always tell when Yogi, Boo Boo and Cindy were coming because my two sons were scared of them and would run back to our camper!
Warrens was a small campground at the time so we knew the staff and rangers and we went to all the games and the movies at night, as well as the bands on weekends. We have so many memories of Jellystone Park that over the years we have gone back with our sons and their families and still have a great time! I am so glad my grandkids have the same thrills we had and are making new memories.
We now go up especially in July to celebrate my two youngest grandkids’ birthdays and they look forward to it. So since 1975 – for over 30 years – my family has loved Jellystone Park! I hope my grandkids can bring their kids to Jellystone to start another generation of making memories.
There were so many good times there that it is hard to pick out just one. The staff was so good and helpful; the rangers gave my boys ranger hats and took then with them if they had free time to show them around and that is all they talked about when they got home! Jellystone Park has always been our home away from home; even the changes and the expansion don’t take away from the friendliness of the staff.
Thanks for over 30 years of memories and keep up the good work! We will see you there this summer – my granddaughter has already asked when we going!  
We love Helen’s story! And we know the crew at Warrens can’t wait to see the Bergans this summer.


Jellystone Park Campground Partners with Soles4Souls

June 29, 2009

The Soles4Souls RV stopped at the Jellystone Park campground in Caledonia , Wisconsin over the weekend as part of their summer tour. The team from Soles4Souls is traveling the country in an RV to collect shoe donations and raise awareness of their mission: To impact as many lives as possible with the gift of shoes.

The Soles4Souls blog says: It started out like any stop at a campground with the Soles4Souls RV. We registered with Bridgett at the Caladonia Jellystone Park and drove to site #23. By the time we got out of the car, a small crowd had gathered and began asking questions about Soles4Souls. Suddenly kids were running back to their RV’s and bringing back shoes. One kind man offered to go to each RV site and ask people to donate shoes. A few other adults also gave us shoes. Jellystone Park campers are amazing! If you’ve never been to a Yogi Bear campground, give them a try.

For more information about how you can support Soles4Soles, visit their website: 

Yogi Greets the Soles4Souls RV


The Soles4Souls Story

In the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that hit Southeast Asia, Wayne Elsey, the Founder and CEO of Soles4Souls™ Inc., felt compelled to do something. Like many of us, he did not know what to do.

He was at home one night, watching TV and he saw a picture of a single shoe washing up on the beach. That triggered a few calls to some other executives in the footwear industry and the subsequent donation of a quarter of a million shoes to victims in the devastated countries.

A year later when Katrina hit, Wayne called the same group of friends, and they sent over a million pairs of shoes down to the gulf coast communities affected by the hurricane. In all honesty, he admits that he did not expect such an immediate and successful turnout. This left him wondering, why not start a non-profit and do this all the time? One year later, Soles4Souls was formally created.

Now Soles4Souls receives large donations from footwear companies, retailers, churches, nonprofit ministries, civic groups, schools, and individuals and saw that this could become a full time organization. That’s why Soles4Souls was created – to facilitate the donations from these groups to the people who desperately need footwear.