Museums & Culture in the State of New York

Who says that family vacations can’t be fun and educational at the same time? When you camp at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ they can! In the state of New York, there are many famous museums, from the Guggenheim to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But we will be here to uncover some of New York’s lesser known gems throughout the state.

The Living Torah Museum

The Hebrew culture is one of the most fascinating (and oldest) in the world. Nearly everyone is familiar in some way or another with the Bible, and this museum pays tribute to its early Hebrew roots. Before you go on thinking that it’s just a boring old book museum, take the time to explore it’s halls and walls. Here you will uncover rich history about the foundation of the Torah, how it was preserved through time and how it evolved into the legendary book it became today. The museum is just a short trip away from our campground in Woodridge, NY.

H. Lee White Marine Museum

The H. Lee White Marine Museum is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, just a short distance away from our family RV campground in Mexico, New York. Here you will see ships from yesteryear, specifically those who played pivotal roles in our nation’s history. You can see a ship that was used in the U.S. invasion of Normandy as well as ships that were used to form some of the canals and waterways of New York City as it expanded and grew into what it is today.

The Adirondack Museum

The region now known as Northern New York was once one of the most explored and sought after regions of the New World. Native Americans hunted and fished on the lands, and when Europeans arrived, they did the same. The region was bountiful with fish and game and still remains that way today. The Adirondack Museum is a collection of artifacts and displays from the time when the New World was still New. Located just a short drive away from our North Hudson NY family RV Park , you will want to spend the day exploring and learning about the early settlers who pioneered the exploration of this region.

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