Family Vacations in Michigan

If you’re trying to find new ways to have fun on your next family vacation in Michigan, then take into consideration Michigan’s great roadside attractions? Michigan is filled with many random awe-filled wonders that are sure to bring a laugh to your family. Pull over and enjoy the history of something completely otherwise obsolete and have a photo shoot or even create your own historical significance of said attraction.

World’s Second Largest Pie Tin

If you’re headed to the Jellystone Park at Indian River in Michigan , you’ll be surprised to know that the park is only a short jaunt down the MI-68 and US-31 from the worlds largest cherry pie pan. The town of Charlevoix, Michigan has hosted a pie contest every year and in the midst of the grandiose bicentennial of 1976, a local man named Dave Phillips decided that he was going to make the worlds biggest Cherry Pie. Along with the massive pan that he built, there also had a giant oven created for it and the local farmers helped supply the fruit to fill the pie. When it was done, the pie weighed 17,420 lbs and it was indeed a world record. Although the record only lasted until 1987, the memorial of the pie still stands, so make sure to pull over and check out the mammoth pie memorial and enjoy some pie yourself!

Prehistoric Zoo

Also located near our northern Michigan RV Parks of Indian River and Grayling, just down the US-23, is the Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo. This site is a very intriguing blend of Christianity and prehistoric beasts, but contrary to the name of the site, this zoo has no living prehistoric creatures. This 40 acre walk through was started in the 1930’s and the dinosaurs and caveman were all handcrafted by a man named Paul N Domke Sr. who also designed a nearby Paul Bunyan Statue. Appropriately located in the middle of a swampy forest, this roadside treasure is one you surely shouldn’t miss.

World’s Largest Tire

How about a little bit of Michigan pride? Just outside of the motor city of Detroit is the world’s biggest tire. This roadside beauty is located just outside of Detroit on the I-94. This tire is 80 feet tall and weighs a whopping 12 tons, and it’s said that you could even fit your head in between the treads of the tire. Being constructed by the tire company Uniroyal, they decided to stab the tire with the world’s longest nail (11 feet long and 250 lbs) in 1998 to promote puncture resistant tires and the tire withstood the test. This site is the perfect starter before hitting up any of the Jellystone Parks in Michigan.

Museum of Magic

For those that are heading to our Michigan family campgrounds from the south, be sure to hit up the American Museum of Magic. Conveniently located just off of the I-69, right smack dab between Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo, this roadside treasure is certainly one to remember. This museum is the collection of the late Bob Lund who began collecting magic artifacts from the 1930’s up until his death in 1995. You’ll find everything here from simple magic contraptions to artifacts of the great Houdini. Just up the road from the museum is Colon, Michigan, the magic capital of the world. Don’t miss this roadside hotspot while on your way to our Michigan RV parks!

You’re on vacation, why not slow down a little bit? Take some time to enjoy the roadside attractions that have always struck your curiosity anyways!

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