Planning a Camping Trip at Virginia Campgrounds? Don’t Forget the 4 C’s

Planning a Camping Trip at Virginia Campgrounds? Don’t Forget the 4 C’s

Campers in the United States have plenty of camp sites to choose from, and each state has its own benefits in terms of outdoor offerings. Those who live on the East Coast or near it may want to head to Virginia for a fun and family-friendly camping trip. Largely considered to be the nation’s birthplace, Virginia is known for its coasts, mountains, and other geological features, all of which allow visitors to experience the beauty of nature.

Are you thinking of visiting one of the many Virginia campgrounds this season or perhaps in the future? Here are the four C’s to remember before choosing to camp out in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

    • Consider the season. Virginia is a state that is lucky enough to see all four seasons of the year, so seasonal camping doesn’t have to end at any particular time. Although it can be considerably warmer than visiting a fall or winter campground in Canada, for instance, you are still likely to see snow during the winter. Additionally, the summers are going to be hot, so you’ll need to hydrate and dress appropriately for camping in Virginia from June to August.
    • Contemplate your accommodations. Are you interested in roughing it, or do you like the luxury of camping in style? No matter what you and your family prefer, there’s something for everyone in the nation’s campgrounds. Most Americans prefer camping in a tent; in fact, 86% of people surveyed say that these were their accommodations. However, one-third of respondents (33%) opted to stay in a cabin. Around 30% of campers backpacked, 26% chose drive-up campsites, 24% stayed in RVs, and 2% were unconventional and chose yurts. Location also mattered. Eight percent of those surveyed said they slept under the stars, and 11% didn’t even leave home and camped out in the backyard. The campsite you choose is up to you. Just make sure that you’ll be comfortable wherever you stay.
    • Choose travel companions. In general, most campers like to travel with family or friends, especially when they go camping. Family camping trips are actually one of the most popular choices for vacations, with Americans spending roughly 534.9 million days camping in total per year. The trick to harmony? Make sure you have plenty to do!
    • Create an itinerary. Finally, don’t just stick to your cabin or tent when you go camping in Virginia. There are plenty of natural wonders to see when you choose campgrounds in the state. In the U.S., 87% of campers surveyed participated in multiple outdoor activities, with 92% choosing hiking and making that the most popular activity. Figure out what’s in season at your Virginia campgrounds and get moving!

No matter which campground locations you want to choose, and no matter which state you live in, there’s plenty to do at resorts. Thinking of heading to Virginia campgrounds soon? Discover what makes our campgrounds so unique.


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