Yogi Bear™ and Friends Bios

Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear

Address: Jellystone National Park
Phone: 1-800-PIC-A-NIC
Height: 12 Picnic Baskets
Weight: Too grizzly to mention
Favorite phrases: “Hey-Hey-Hey”, “Smarter than the average bear!”
Occupation: Picnic Basket Pilferer, Snack Snatcher & Cookie Catcher
Neighbors: Forest animals
Likes: Everything he can eat
Dislikes: Everything he can’t eat
Best Friend: Boo Boo™
Girlfriend: Cindy Bear™

Upbeat, unflappable and eternally optimistic, Yogi Bear figures out a solution to every problem – typically how to procure his next hearty meal – through cheeky persuasion and masterful cunning. Despite warnings from Ranger Smith, Yogi Bear’s tenacity helps him acquire food in a variety of clever ways.

Yogi Bear is always willing to lend a helping hand to a park visitor or fellow animal faced with a dilemma. His generosity and consistent goodwill are reasons why his mischievous behavior is seen as just good fun.

Yogi Bear lives a carefree existence with his best pal Boo Boo and girlfriend Cindy Bear in Jellystone Park, doing what he enjoys most – mainly munching on scrumptious pic-a-nic basket treats. Yogi Bear’s effervescent, happy-go-lucky nature remains an integral part of his everlasting appeal among all age groups.

Boo Boo Bear

Boo Boo

Boo Boo is Yogi Bear’s forever-loyal buddy, always willing to join in Yogi Bear’s exploits and schemes to pilfer the next basket of treats from unsuspecting Jellystone Park visitors. Most importantly, Boo Boo serves as Yogi Bear’s conscience, constantly reminding him of the danger or consequences of their actions.

Yogi Bear is a loyal older brother figure to Boo Boo and accepts him unconditionally, regardless of how much Boo Boo complains or worries. “The Ranger isn’t going to like this, Yogi” is one of his trademark expressions. Boo Boo’s loyalty and concern for authority – and being the cute “straight man” to Yogi Bear the comedian – is what makes him so endearing and loveable.

Ranger Smith
Ranger Smith

Ranger Smith

Ranger Smith is the voice of authority at Jellystone Park. While Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo’s mischievous escapades show playful disregard for the rules, Ranger Smith is a by-the-book guy trying to protect guests’ picnic baskets.

He has a short fuse, but Ranger Smith doesn’t really yell at Yogi Bear. He does, however, get frustrated at the seemingly endless string of picnic basket heists.

He sometimes sympathizes with Boo Boo because he respects the rules more than Yogi Bear. And while his principal mission is to keep peace (and food) in Jellystone Park, Ranger Smith admires Yogi Bear’s free spirit – though he never shows it because of his dedication to the ranger service.

Cindy Bear

Cindy Bear

Cindy Bear only has eyes for one bear – Yogi Bear. A right southern belle, she is very proper and polite, in contrast to Yogi Bear who can be a bit hedonistic.

Because of Yogi Bear’s irrepressible sense of adventure, Cindy Bear is very rarely able to pin him down romantically for very long – all she can do is dream about settling down with her eternal bachelor boyfriend. She never stops trying, however, and instead of complaining about his inability to commit, she prefers to win him over with her kindness and loyalty. Cindy Bear’s trademark expression, “Ah do declare,” is her charming way of feigning surprise at Yogi Bear’s misadventures.

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